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3 Benefits of Article Marketing and an excellent resource box

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 25   |   Comments: 0
Article marketing still seems to be a big secret. Indeed, the successful use of article writing is at least a significant unknown for many people. Otherwise authors' article counts would be going up much faster than they now seem to be. In order to make article marketing and article writing work for you, you will need to take more action.

One or two articles a week, will not be good enough. When you have time to sit down and write, you will need to write at least 5 articles at a sitting and plan to sit and write at least 2-3 times per week to start to see the benefits of writing articles.

So what are those benefits?

One of the most important benefit of article marketing is that it is free. There are other methods of driving traffic to your site, in fact, there are many other methods of driving traffic to your site, but few of them are free.

Another important benefit is that it has the ability to more closely target your audience. Again, there are other methods of driving traffic to your site, some of which are free. However, none are free and drive highly targeted traffic to your site. You, the reader, are here because you want to learn article marketing tips, I think that is a good example.

Finally your page rank. Having a high number of high quality links to your site, also known as backlinks, can improve your page rank significantly. It is for this reason, that I like to submit articles to high ranking article directories such as EzineArticles.

The resource box is arguably the most important part of your article. This is of course, unless you are one who is just writing articles for fun. But if you are looking to earn a profit from your article writing, you need to create a resource box that offers at least one of three elements.

If you have been writing online articles for any amount of time at all then you know what a resource box is, its that little blurb at the bottom of the page with a link to your website. We sometimes also refer to it as a "call to action". It is telling a reader, now that I have shown you a little about what I can do to help, here is a place that you can go where I can help you a lot.

Which one of the three elements that you use really depends on your specific niche. You will need to offer a promise of profit, element of surprise or curiosity, or finally some kind of challenge.

It would be best of you were able to give a combination of more than one. For example, "click here to find out the 3 biggest mistakes made by marketers everywhere." or perhaps "Click here to learn how to get off the couch and in the gym"

The first one implies a profit and curiosity, the second example creates curiosity and offers a challenge. People will respond to a challenge as long as it is not offensive.

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