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3 Awesome Reasons Restaurants Should Use A Phil & Teds Metoo

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 91   |   Comments: 0

Phil & Teds Metoo is quite an interesting product for your restaurant to have particularly if your restaurant is patronized by a lot of families with young toddlers or babies. Check out these 3 great reasons why you should have them.

Cater To Your Customers Who Have Toddlers

This Phil and Teds high chair works well with any baby or toddler who has learnt to sit up properly. Not advisable for babies who are not able to sit up well yet. When parents bring their children along to a family restaurant, they will require the use of a baby chair for their toddler. So it would be ideal if you are an owner of a family restaurant to have a few units of the Phil & Teds Metoo ready to cater to these customers. It can be used for children aged 3 years and below. The chair is able to take a maximum weight of 33 pounds for any child below 3 years of age. So parents do not need to worry so much about weight support for their baby.

Cleaning Is A Synch

So do not worry that the kids will make a mess when using the chair and spoiling it as the chair's seat is made of a durable wipe clean fabric which makes it easy to clean. All you need to do is to use a clean wet towel to wipe off whatever food stain there is as cleaning is a synch! The makers of the seat wanted to make it convenient for parents and people who use the chair to be able to clean it quickly and as easy as possible. So don't worry even if the child makes a mess. It can be cleaned up easily.

Easy To Pack Away

The chair can easily be unlocked by releasing the 2 clamps that are holding it to the table when it is no longer in use. So when the chair is no longer in use, it came be easily packed away as well. It will not take up much space either. So even if you have a few units of the same chair, all of them can be easily stacked one on top of the other when not in use. Of course please make sure that the chairs are wiped clean if there are any food stains on it. The chairs come in red, black and navy blue at the moment and weighs only 2 pounds each!


Hence restaurants who are normally frequented by families with young toddlers should find these reasons good enough to have a few units available for the convenience of families.

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