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3 Acne Myths Exposed

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

Acne is an ultra-common condition.  It affects almost all people between the ages of 12 and 25 to one degree or another.  In fact up to 95% of people will experience acne at one point in their lives.

There are 8 levels of acne infection. Most cases of acne are very mild and require only the use of medications that can be bought at the corner drug store and a regimen of facial cleaning that is faithfully followed.

Sometimes acne becomes moderate to severe and a dermatologist must be consulted to clear up the acne as well as to prevent the scarring that acne can cause if left untreated.

Now because acne is so common and in most cases doesn't require the sufferer to have to seek medical help many myths have developed and circulate.

Don't let these myths lead you in the wrong direction.  The price for that could be years of frustrations and dollars down the drain on €œinformation that is simply wrong

Myth #1: Acne is contagious...you must not touch anyone who has acne or you will get it, too!

The fact is, Acne is not contagious. Acne is what is called a €œnon-communicable disease. That means that it is not contagious. One person cannot €œgive acne to another person by touching or even eating and drinking after them.

Myth #2: People just outgrow acne.

Nothing needs to be done about it. It's just a normal part of the growing up process.

The fact is that although it is true that acne is very, very common among teenagers, it is not true that you just have to outgrow acne. Nor is it true that nothing needs to be done about it and it sure isn't true that it has to be a normal part of the growing up process.

There are oral as well as topical medications that can cure acne and prevent teenagers and young adults from having to suffer the emotional damage that acne causes not to mention the physical scarring that can last a lifetime.

Myth #3: Sweating helps to clear up acne.

This one is a doozy!

The fact is sweating can actually worsen acne. You see, strenuous physical activity makes the body create more oil.

This oil is just part of the complex chemical process that produces sweat and this process can make your acne worse rather than better.

So now you know acne is not contagious, is not helped by sweating but it can be treated.  So learn what works and start minimizing your acne flare ups today.

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