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25 Tips to a Happier Healthier Life

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

Living happier and healthier isn't all about going to the gym and having salad for dinner.  Here are 25 tips for a happier and healthier life.

  1. Sometimes, you eventually realize - that your Mom really did know best
  2. Buy the shoes
  3. When it comes to relationships, your partner should be a want... not a need...
  4. Learn how to say NO... tactfully but firmly
  5. Take care of yourself, physically and mentally - you only get one you
  6. Popcorn can be for dinner
  7. Listen to your friend's advice... especially about men... they know the real you and they see things you don't
  8. Stop worrying about things you can't control or change.  It leads to a lot less stress.  Pinch yourself every time you find you are worrying about something you can't change or control and you will eventually reduce your stress and you will be happier.
  9. Travel before you get married & have children
  10. Remember the old saying, "You can either be right, or be happy"... figure out which is more important to you
  11. Count your blessings. Always remember... many are worse off than you are.
  12. Take a Friday night to yourself, don't do your hair or makeup, wear your favorite sweats, and watch all the shows you'd never admit to watching.
  13. Stop chasing Mr. Hot and give Mr. Nice, Mr. Is-really-into-me and Mr. Genuine a shot
  14. Buy a filing cabinet and get all paper off your desk - clutter creates stress.
  15. Remember that Girl Scout Cookies are for charity so they don't count on your calorie plan.
  16. Accept the date with the nice guy that just isn't €œquite your type.  You've been dating €œyour type€¦how's that working?
  17. Find a workout buddy.  The power of someone counting on you to be there may work better than pure self motivation.
  18. Don't buy more than you can afford.  Nothing causes stress like debt and nothing will make you madder than a pizza that ends up costing $30 with interest.
  19. Eat left over birthday cake for breakfast.  It gives you all day to burn it off anyway.
  20. Love your single self.  If you can't be happy by yourself a relationship won't fix that.
  21. Give back to your community.  Nothing is more rewarding or a better reminder of how good you really have it.
  22. Stop competing with your friends.  Surround yourself with people you are happy for and people that are supportive of you.
  23. Put money away.  If you don't know what you are doing talk to a financial planner.  Never forget you have to plan NOW to retire later.
  24. An €œI love you won't fix a bad boyfriend, an engagement won't fix a broken boyfriend, a marriage won't heal a cheating fiancé, and kids won't make a broken marriage better.  Vows aren't band aids.  Date the man and marry the man, and only the man, that treats you amazingly well.
  25. Learn when to let people Hear your Heels - if they aren't worthy of your time go find someone who is.

Never forget that your life is your choice.  Only you get to decide what you will and will not tolerate.  Click here to purchase Hear my Heels bracelets to remember to keep going towards the life you deserve.  Please forward this information to all the women you care about.

20% of profits will go to domestic abuse charities.

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