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2 Traditional Affiliate Marketing Strategies

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

Although a number of people on-line market products as affiliates without the use of a website, there has always been a large body of opinion to suggest that having a website is of major benefit. If you decide to have a website there are two main affiliate marketing strategies that come to the forefront, and those are- The Squeeze page or landing page system and alternatively the review site.

Generally what both these strategies with have in common is some form of lead capture page. Both systems see the importance of having a form capture so that they can collect names and addresses for future product promotions. Where they differ is the system they employ to achieve this.

The Squeeze Page System

The whole purpose of the squeeze page (Basically a web page) is to collect the names and addresses of the visitor, now there will be a specific product to promote behind this affiliate marketing strategy, but this is promoted heavily once the personal details have been secured.

This information is collected in exchange for a gift, this might be a free report, ebook, membership or video perhaps. To succeed with this you need the following components:-

1. Squeeze page

2. Free Offer

3. Auto responder

4. opt in form capture

5. email follow up messages

6. Back end offers

This allows for both effective list building and affiliate marketing promotion to take place.

The Review Site

The review site may involve the product to be promoted only, or may have three products on the same site but offer a comparison to the benefits of each product, with obviously the product been promoted coming out on top. However for all that the review should offer a honest and valuable assessment of the product been promoted. In this case the product is half sold before the visitor gets to the sales page of the product in question. At the same time the site will have some form

of facility to capture the details of the visitor. All marketers know how much work is involved when developing traffic, and want to try and secure as much as is possible to make the most out of their marketing efforts.

The review site looks very much like the components for the squeeze page system, the major difference is that the product warm up is taking place instantly with the content of the review page as oppose to the structured email promotional series associated with the squeeze page system.

Both of these affiliate marketing strategies have proven to be very successful, but you do need to have a fully working understanding of the techniques involved in achieving a fully implementable model on either of these methods. It is imperative that you learn how to conduct affiliate marketing A-Z before beginning, only in this way do you give yourself the opportunity for success.

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