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2 Lithium Stocks (SQM, PPO) Mega Money Makers

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0
Much of our popular technology is big businessmaned by lithium carbonate. The colonial has been used in the creation of heat-resistant ice rink, ceramics and alloy for aircraft. It also sees effective use as a mood stabilizer and handling for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Is the power goten by a rechargable battery really the way to go. Like, wont their be power issues some day. Well just so you know, the monetary value of lithium, and its value goes up with ever ipod, laptop, blackbery, and vibrator sold.

Whether the need to is gas prices, a desire to lower one's carbon footprint, or a reluctance to further enriching nations in the eye East, necessitate has amplificationd for hybrid vehicles. The ONLY practical option for rechargeable vehicles is the lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. I know Toyota, is delaying their installations of lithium batteries with non corrosive parts in side. The technology will keep the batteries from catching fire and blowing up.

And there are aging issues with Li-ion batteries and the technology to recycle them is not in place. These challenges have researchers at hundreds of companies competing to perfect their version of the battery. What makes lithium batteries so perfect for cars is that they hardly way anything compared to their counterpart They also lose power at a slower rate than other batteries between uses. In August 2008, Mitsubishi (MTU 4.99 †‘1.42%) Motors Corp. announced it was partnering with GS (140.05 †‘2.90%) Yuasa to complete a manufacturing kit and boodle for lithium-ion batteries.

The company anticipates that demand will increase fivefold to meet the needs of electric vehicles. The new facility is slated to open in the spring - the same time the company expects to launch its Mitsubishi I-MiEV electronic pack together car. Nissan (NSANY 14.94 †"0.40%) will use Li-ion batteries for the 65,000 hybrids they hope to manufacture by 2010. Most of the next generation hybrids like GM's beset Volt and Saturn Vue Green Line, and Mercedes (DAI 48.82 †‘2.24%)' hybrid version of its S-Class sedan, are planning to use Li-ion batteries. Other rare earth elements appear in hybrid vehicles, like neodymium, and yttrium. in fact their is like 20lbs of the stuff in ever hybrid car.

The worlds largest commercial deposits of lithium are in Chile and Argentina. China, Russia, Australia and the U.S. are working to pickup output. And the amount of lithium carbonate required for a car battery is about 100 times that needed for a laptop. stern line? L As the lithium demand rises steadly, and the more and more demand theri is for hybrid cars to continually be produced, the potential for a junior lithium company to be bought out by a major for production is quite an hight. How to play this soon-to-be strategic commodity In current market conditions, it is possible this renewable technology cannot be explored to the degree hoped-for. But in the longer term, investment? in this evolution could bring triple-digit gains in just a few years.

The best way to play it? New manufacturers are cropping up daily with ever-improved versions of the Li-ion battery. Their is quite the bit of competition out their. Its difficult to know who is a rip off and who actually has a really lithium deal. Rite now chilie is the leading manufacturer of lithium carbonate. The actual stuff that is used in products. This october the copmapny said that their revinue shoud have a 56% increase just in the first 9 minths or so. What you should be looking at is the past like 2008 and 2007. They everlastingly seem to meet their targets. .
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