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1st Birthday Party Invitations for First Birthday of Baby

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 88   |   Comments: 0

1st Birthday Party Invitations for Baby 1st Birthday Party Celebration!

Although your child won't remember much, you'll probably always have fond memories of your child's first birthday party and those all-important 1st Birthday Party Invitations. There's simply something special about the first time you buy that cake and watch your little one shove icing all over his or her face. However, you don't want to ruin those memories by making bad planning decisions. Here are some tips that will help as you start getting ready for those 1st birthday invitations.

1st Birthday Party Invitation: The Guest List

Many parents make a big mistake by having a huge guest list and sending out tons of Kid Birthday Invitations for the event. You really want to keep the guest list to a minimum. Remember this is a time for your family to get together and watch one of the most precious milestones in your child's development. You don't want to ruin that by having to cater to dozens of guests and their children when you should be watching these moments. Keep the number of children birthday party invitation cards you send to a minimum. Only invite family members and close friends. If you do want to invite children, keep the number to a minimum and have planned activities to keep them entertained, such as DVD or coloring books.

1st Birthday Greeting Cards: The Location

If you read many birthday-planning forums, you'll inevitably find some parent who wants to throw a huge party when sending out 1st Birthday Party Invitations. Locations, such as Chuck E. Cheese, are rented to celebrate the big event. Again, that's not a good idea. Renting those places is a wonderful choice when you're celebrating the birthdays of older children, especially school age kids who have tons of friends to invite. With this party, you're going to be focused on a 1 year old who won't be able to enjoy the games or even the food. The best location to write on each first birthday party invitation is your home, a party room near your home, or possibly a park. There's no reason to book an expensive location when your child won't even remember this event. Keep it small and intimate then save the big celebrations for a few years later.

1st Birthday Party: Gifts

Even though your child is only a year old, you'll probably get people asking you what the child would want as a present. There's no reason to set a gift registry or anything but you should have a few ideas in mind of presents from a wide-range of prices that you can tell guests when asked. Do not include this information in the 1st birthday party invitations or Kid Birthday Invitation. That's just bad manners. Just have the list ready in case someone asks. You may also want to ask guests to let you know what they are purchasing so there won't be any duplicate gifts.

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