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16th International Refrigeration Exhibition: Energy Saving Air Conditioning Play A Leading Role

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0


April 12 to 14, the 16th China International Refrigeration Exhibition held in Beijing Exhibition Center. As Asia's largest professional exhibition for refrigeration HVAC, Refrigeration Expo this year attracted more than 400 domestic and foreign exhibitors central air-conditioning business scene. However, different from previous years show that in this year's show, many companies will invariably green energy-saving technology as their highlight. In the event there are four seminars held during the energy saving and environmental protection relevant to the subject. Green energy-saving technology and products, as this exhibition on the topic of concern.



, The government work report on the special emphasis on conservation and rational use of energy resources. The demand for energy-saving technologies to build a conservation-oriented society. According to experts, China's annual energy consumption in heating and cooling You Sicheng on, so it comes to developing energy-saving technology, cooling heating industry is the most important. This exhibition, on the central air-conditioning company introduced environmentally friendly energy-saving new technologies have caused great interest of visitors. Among them, the artificial environment Tongfang Co., Ltd. to "mind the world is cold, and technology services to the community" as the theme, showing a series of international advanced level of energy saving new product. In particular, its solution heat recovery fresh air units, water source heat pump full of liquid type, eHRV Inverter Multi series of new products, energy saving, as a show. Tsinghua University in the recently completed Super Energy building to use is this a new air handling units for heat recovery. Waste heat recovery can be realized over 80% efficiency, air-conditioning energy consumption of only 10% of conventional construction. It can not only adjust the room temperature, but also the interior of the turbid air emissions to the outdoors, and the introduction of fresh outdoor air to maintain indoor air circulation. Another water source heat pump units flooded its products than the average increase energy efficiency by 15%. Consumes very little energy, that can lead to heating and cooling, but also provide domestic hot water. The eHRV Inverter Multi is Tongfang

Residential Air Conditioning

Recruits in the energy-saving products. It can sense small changes in room temperature, automatic adjustment of operating conditions. Users do not need refrigeration to avoid large heat capacity, the air conditioning running at full capacity, the situation remains, reduce waste and conserve energy.

Reporter has learned that the "energy saving, environmental protection, optimizing air quality", has always been Tongfang air conditioning technology research and development guidelines. And has long known energy-saving environmental protection, "Heat Pump" product-oriented, such as her source heat pump central air conditioning, use of rivers, lakes, water, groundwater, municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater and other kinds of sources of energy, turning waste into treasure heating and cooling. In 2002, the world's first developed for use in -22 low temperature air source heat pump, with high energy efficiency, heating the solution to winter in North China the best. Refrigeration in the 15th show caused a sensation, and has made the Yellow River Basin in North China and widely used. North China in winter for heating to reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution, there are very important. Heat recovery units participating this year, as the air conditioning energy Tongfang another masterpiece, also attracted wide attention. While the six test centers, to simulate the various environments, their products around the complex in the Chinese environment. Throughout the country to meet the demand for energy conservation and environmentally friendly products.

This year, energy saving, development of circular economy and building a harmonious society has become a society-wide consensus. As a large energy consumption, HVAC industry will undoubtedly bear the greater responsibility. Show at this year's cooling, energy-saving environmental protection has become the leading role of new technology energy saving attention by all parties to show the HVAC industry has also realized the significance of social responsibility. The future of the HVAC industry will be rapid development in this direction.

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