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10 Ways to Add €œpop to a Dull Room

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 59   |   Comments: 0

There are lots of very simple tricks that you can do to add life to your environment. Here are my favorite ten:

1. Art - Have you ever walked into a room that has no art or pictures on the walls whatsoever, and noticed a feeling of emptiness? Framed posters, prints, photographs, and paintings give a room depth and dimension. They also add color, style, and underscore the mood or theme of a room.

2. Add interesting furnishings - but try also to stay true to your style. Beige walls and beige sofas are great, but they don't really do much to brighten up a room. Add some €œOomph to the room with eye catching furnishings like a brightly colored armchair, an eye catching area rug, or in the case of a bedroom, try using a lively comforter set for effect.

3. Use toss pillows and throws to your advantage - Toss pillows and throws can liven up even the stuffiest of rooms. Add them in colors that complement your setting. For instance, red accessories stand out in just about any setting, and it's a great color for both toss pillows and throws. Use with caution though, as too much red can take away from what you're actually trying to show off.

4. Themes - Themes can give your decorating ideas a centre and a reason to include personality. Go nuts with theme ideas! If your room lacks a centre, come up with a theme and use great accessories (like toss cushions, throws and lamps) to finish the look.

5. One of a kind pieces - Anything unique will automatically add pop to your living space. Learn more about where to find great, unique pieces that add personality to your home.

6. Texture - Avoid too much texture in any room at all costs. Use instead, a mixture of different textures, some smooth, some shiny, some matte, some rough, as well as colors that accent each other.

7. Area Rugs - The right area rug can anchor any furniture arrangement. Find one that fits into your environment.

8. Great Lighting - Adding a mix of awesome lighting types to any room will provide numerous lighting options.

9. Plants and Flowers - Fresh plants and flowers add life to a room. Keep your plants healthy, dusted, and watered if necessary. Take unsightly plants outdoors to improve. Use artificial plants in rooms with low light and on high surfaces.

10. Find accessories that you love - There are lots of great deals at various online shopping sites, some that search out the most unique items and best deals for you. So in addition to finding the items that you love, you'll also be getting great deals from the comfort of your own home!

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