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10 Seer Ac Units For Efficiency And Economy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 120   |   Comments: 0

The word seer in the phrase '10 seer ac units' is an acronym for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, a ratio which represents the value attained by computing then total seasonal cooling output in BTUs with the total seasonal energy input in watt hours. The mention of the word seasonal in the acronym implies that the ratio is meant to take into consideration part local conditions as well instead of just measuring the performance at peak load. Hence, the expression '10 Seer ac units' means that these units are capable of removing 10 Btus per watt hour of energy input.

Seer is a performance rating which is used to measure the efficiency of the air conditioners and the unit Btu stands for British thermal unit. Since this performance rating is directly proportional to the efficiency of the air conditioning unit, the higher the rating the better is the air conditioner and vice versa.

Although Seer standards are different for different countries, the general perception in this regard is that the air conditioning systems which have a higher Seer are more efficient and hence more energy-saving as well. In this regard, the 10 Seer ac-units are popular because apart from their efficient performance they happen to be cost effective and do not require much investment of time and finances as regards maintenance as well.

The 10 Seer ac units are in accordance with the minimum mandatory requirements as per the regulations specified by the US Department of Energy while the maximum value can be as high as 20 Seers. This is due to the great improvement made in the field of air conditioners wherein the appliances which were manufactured in the 1980s' featured 6 seers rating due to which their energy consumption was very high and was often followed by long electric bills. Nowadays, apart from the 10 Seer ac-units, it is common to find ac units with a 12-Seer, 13-Seer, 16-Seer and 20-Seer ratings.

10 seer ac units are a very popular brand of air conditioners. You can buy these appliances online at a discounted price through online stores. You can view more such quality products at ShopAllThings

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