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10 Reasons Why Silk Duvets Are So Special

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 47   |   Comments: 0

Blissfully luxurious Mulberry silk duvets are filled with long length 100% mulberry silk strands of the highest quality, perfectly woven and layered into a grid pattern. Silk, as a duvet filling, benefits from having wonderful thermal properties as well as being naturally soft and breathable, providing all the warmth you require, whilst being less likely to let you overheat. Furthermore, silk is hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites, so any associated allergies are helped or prevented.

Here are ten reasons for choosing a silk-filled duvet, as a healthier and more comfortable alternative to a duvet filled with a traditional filling, such as feather and down or synthetic fibre:

  1. Silk is light, soft, and most importantly, it €˜breathes', so a silk-filled duvet allows excess moisture to escape. Silk duvets assist in regulating your body temperature by keeping you warm in winter, and cool in summer.
  2. Many believe the criss-cross layers of the silk floss further enhance the properties of ventilation and water permeability that are natural to silk, resulting in a much more comfortable and restful night's sleep.  
  3. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and inhospitable to dust mites, so you will not suffer from allergic reactions or require a dust-mite encasing on your duvet. This makes a silk duvet a particularly desirable alternative to feather and down duvets for those sensitive to dust mites and their allergens, such as those who suffer from Asthma.  
  4. Though the silk duvet filling is formed of many layers of criss-crossed silk fibres, the silk floss filling is so fine that the duvet is very thin and light. It therefore drapes blissfully over the contours of your body, unlike traditional feather and down duvets which are much loftier.  
  5. Making your bed each morning is quick and easy to do because silk duvets are so smooth and lightweight, they never need to be shaken or fluffed up. 
  6. A silk filled duvet is believed to provide warmth more evenly than a down duvet as unlike down, silk as a duvet filling, does not require box stitching in order to be evenly distributed and eliminate cold spots.  
  7. Silk contains many amino acids in common with the human body. Therefore, though not medically proven, the Chinese believe that the amino acids present in silk are beneficial to the skin, whereby they activate the human skin cells to prevent vascular sclerosis, relieve itchy skin and help prevent arthritis, asthma and multiple chemical sensitivity. 
  8. Silk filled duvets are ideal for the elderly or those forced to spend time in bed. Mulberry silk duvets drape over you and will not weight you down, which is a great relief for suffers of arthritis or those with rheumatic legs.  
  9. Silk duvets rarely require cleaning as they are dust mite free. It may be freshened up simply by being aired outside in the sun for an hour, or two.  
  10. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available due to it's particularly long length fibres. Tussah silk or wild silk is coarser with more impurities than Mulberry silk. Mulberry silk duvets therefore feel softer, smoother and are surprisingly warmer than other silk duvets. These silk duvets have a little inspection zip stitched discretely sewn into them so you may inspect the silk within.
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