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Why You Should Visit the Hindu Temples

By:   |   Dec 13, 2018   |   Views: 380   |   Comments: 0

The best thing about Hinduism is inclusion; you will never find any Hindu mocking you if you belong to some other religion. Inclusion is what makes the Hindu temples even more beautiful and attractive. The temples, more than just being a tourist place, are the places where you can seek inner peace. Yet, there are many other reasons why you must visit the pious Hindu temples:

Where to find a temple

The real challenge lies not in finding a temple, but spotting the right one. Unfortunately, almost every religion around the world has become a business, and the same is the issue with Hinduism. You will find a religious Hindu shrine in every city and village of India. Even the makeshift temples are widespread in the country where you can see the locals praying to their deities. However, if you are not a Hindu, but are curious about it, you must know where to find a quaint place where you can find peace of mind.

The first thing to do is to skip every possible famous temple in the country; the reason is that you will barely find an inch of space to set your feet, let alone pray to the deity. These shrines are immensely crowded, so you must understand at the first sight that they are not meant for the God's worship but for business. Skip such places and find out the remote temples where people do not go in high numbers.

Calmness of temples

When you reach the right temple, you will automatically know. There will be no pandits asking for money for pooja or the religious rituals. You may still encounter a few beggars asking for alms; it is better to feed them with food rather than money. When you reach the core of the temple, you will find time to see the deity for as long as you want. Since there are different Hindu gods and goddesses, people have different perceptions towards them.

Someone may find peace while looking gazing at Lord Shiva, while the other person may find immense gratification by worshipping Lord Krishna. It is all up to you which God you can relate to as you listen to the related mythology and their philosophies. Very few Hindu temples offer the serene atmosphere provided they are devoid of excessive crowd. The shrines located on the mountains have this probability of comprising a calm atmosphere.

Arousing the senses

When you are there in a temple, you will feel the true pleasure only when you can arouse your five senses- sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. When you ring the bell of the temple, it rings in echo for a few seconds to activate your sense of hearing. The mesmerizing sights of the shrine activate your sight and you notice everything around you. When you place your hands over the lit camphor, they become warm and you transfer the warmth to your eyes and face. Since the camphor and flowers smell great, you cannot help but smell them and take the scent inside your body. You can touch most of the idols in the temple and feel them. Hence, all your sights are activated once you are there in a Hindu temple.

Different parts of India have unique temples where you can go, though you can never visit everywhere. If you are in North India, you can hire best Self-Drive Car Rental in Delhi and locate your way to different religious temples. Car rentals and cabs are available all over India; you just need to find the right place for your soul.

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