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Why Women Should Travel Alone in India

By:   |   Feb 01, 2019   |   Views: 422   |   Comments: 0

Solo travel is empowering, way more empowering than you can think. There are many misconceptions about solo travel in India, especially for women, the major one of them being that India is not safe for women. Everything you read on the internet or hear on TV is not true. While it is absolutely necessary for women to be vigilant while traveling in India, and absolutely skip a few places, they can travel to most of the country without hesitation. No matter where you go in the world, a few places are always better to avoid and the same is the case with India. It is better to ignore the stereotypes and go ahead to travel alone and be the best version of yourself.

The decision maker

Women in India are typically brought up to follow the decisions of others, be it men or elders of the family. They are rarely encouraged to take their own decisions even in small matters. Solo travel makes women empowered in reality as they have to take each choice on their own while traveling. When you go out in another city or hill station, you have to find a hotel to stay, choose what you want to eat, and wear whatever you like or don’t like.

Facing challenges

With just one trip out there alone, you may gain confidence for life that you can survive on your own, no matter what. You will surely face certain challenges on your journey, which may make you shiver. You might have heard, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Each word of this statement is true considering a solo trip. If you survive all the difficulties of your solo vacation, with or without feeling terrified, you are a conqueror.

Take initiative

When you are on your own, you cannot just sit back and relax all the time. You have to take initiatives to talk to people if you are curious about something. You have to introduce yourself to strangers if you don’t want to feel bored and talk to someone. When you need to know about the ingredients of a foreign cuisine, you have to ask about it in detail. You will find answers for more and more questions in your mind just by initiating a conversation with someone. All these deliberate efforts make you a great beginner of things, which is of great use in real life.

Prefer your likings

When you are on a hill station, you may want to just look at the mountains for your entire trip. If you are alone, you can keep staring at the mesmerizing mountains for as long as you like, but you cannot do the same when you have someone with you. Whether you want to travel in the roadways buses or hire Self-Drive Cars, it is all up to you. Having travel companions has its own advantages, but the disadvantages are also there. You have to oblige to other’s expectations whether or not you want it. Being alone gives you the freedom to do whatever you like without explaining your decisions to someone.

Being alive

Adulthood has a negative effect on the heart’s health for most people. More or less, we all succumb to the societal pressures and forget to have fun in life. Additionally, being with someone doesn’t always allow you to be yourself. On the other hand, being alone gives you a long time to be yourself and enjoy as much as you want. When you are an Indian woman, you understand the value of being yourself even more. Give yourself a chance to discover the world on your own.

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