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Why Walking Holidays are Better than Driving

By:   |   Feb 12, 2019   |   Views: 522   |   Comments: 0

There is something special about walking that appeals to the humans. Why is it that people walking in the parks seem to belong to the happy lot? Why is it that a few people in the world are crazy about going for a stroll, despite the uncomfortable weather? There must be something about walking that pleases people. Let us discover how walking during holidays can provide more emotional and physical gratification than just driving around.

Walking is healthy

When you leave your home to reach a new city, you have to spend many hours sitting in the car, train, or airplane. Your body already gets tired of sitting in one place, which is why you feel like walking a few steps after every few minutes. Similarly, you can go for a long walk at your holiday destination to keep yourself fit and healthy. Walking increases the heart rate, boosts blood flow, makes the bones stronger, reduces body fat, and increases body balance. With so many benefits, there is no reason why you should not walk for a long distance.

Lowers stress

It is scientifically established fact that walking at peace reduces anxiety and stress. You can even meditate while walking alone or with someone. Many people choose to go for a walk when they face a dilemma. You can also try this when you are out for a vacation, especially when there are issues going on in office or home. Just by walking around, you may think of probable solutions that you can apply to your problems. It may or may not solve the complications, but you will at least feel the calm in your mind.

Observing the scenery

Imagine that you drive past a few gorgeous, colorful homes on the hills and wonder how they must look if you have a closer glance at them. Now imagine you walk past those colorful doors that are dusty yet gorgeous in their unique form. You can stop for a few moments and gasp the lovely sight in your mind. That sight will remain with you forever even if you do not click a picture of those houses. This is actually true that walking provides you a better quality time to admire the beauty of a place than just drive past it.

Save money 

If you are a habitual stroller, you may walk for a few kilometers without even realizing the time. You don’t have to pay any tickets for the buses or trains when you walk or pay for the fuel of your car. If the distance is walkable for you, you can definitely save a few bucks, even if you spend some extra time.


Walking is for sure much more eco-friendly than the motor vehicles, which create harmful pollution, even if they are pollution controlled. You don’t emit any carbon emissions as you walk, and of course save the environment.

The achievement

When you walk for a long distance, you feel a better sense of achievement than you do when you complete a car or train journey. The former gives you a sense of victory and the latter gives you only relief that you have finally finished the journey. When you realize the difference between the two, you will unthinkingly appreciate strolling over driving.

To reach your destination, you can surely hire a vehicle from Self Drive Car Rental Mumbai or any other city in India. Nevertheless, India is such a gorgeous country that you cannot explore only in cars and other vehicles. You have to get out on your feet to experience the true beauty of this country.

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