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Why Budget Travel Feels Bad at Times

By:   |   Jan 28, 2019   |   Views: 458   |   Comments: 0

The travel bug can bite anyone in the world, but not all of us have the piles of money to spend any moment we want. You may not have those highly sought-after jobs that pay well every month. You may not have affluent parents who would book tickets for you whenever you ask for them. Just like most travelers in the world, you may not have to make compromises every day so that you can save for your upcoming vacations. You may have to stop buying new things because hey, you don’t need them right? But it sucks, it really does, after some time.

No beauty regime

Expensive cosmetics and makeup products are a strict no-no for a budget traveler, no matter the gender. You cannot spend on pricey perfumes, toiletries, eye-liners, eye shadows, or makeup base. You have to suffice with very basic budget brands and keep awing at men and women who are able to indulge in regular beauty regime. You may even feel jealous looking at beautiful women who do not spare an extra moment before buying expensive cosmetics at the malls, but you have to tell yourself that all these materialistic things are nowhere compared to the experiences you gain while traveling.

Your wardrobe is also your souvenir collection

When you are a budget traveler, you love to buy souvenirs from every country you visit. However, you realize that show-pieces will just sit on your office table; it is better that you invest in clothes from your favorite cities. Moreover, your wardrobe comprises of basic tees and jeans most of the times, a few essential warm clothes, and an insufficient number of accessories and shoes. You know that overspending on clothes may result in lower number of vacations. So? Compromise again? Yes, of course.

Accommodation is cheap

Frugal travelers have to be misers when it comes to choosing an accommodation in any city. You have to adjust with cheap travelers’ hostels, pocket-friendly hotels, and even stay at friends’ homes. You do every possible thing to save on hotel rooms because accommodation eats the maximum part of the travelers’ budgets most of the times. Yet, you know that all the money you save is there for better use on international cuisines, sightseeing, and shopping!

Cheap transportation

You cannot pay for over-expensive flights unless you save for a year. Even if your pocket allows to buy a round-ticket to your desired country, you have to purchase the basic plan that does not include baggage fees, airline food, or the privilege to choose your seat. You may never want to pay for those extra privileges. You may want to use Self-Drive Cars in countries with pleasant weather, but you suffice with public transport. You may have to negotiate with the cab drivers, haggle with the tuk-tuk drivers, and undergo every mental pain possible just to save money.

Most trips are out of budget

The greatest misery of budget travelers is that most countries are out of their reach. Expensive cities and countries are a dream and they don’t even think about them. Moreover, even a few budget countries are also out of pocket if the travelers are too short of money. The bank balance is a true reflection of their financial statues and they cannot ignore it.

It is heartbreaking to keep money on the top priority all the time. Yet, the budget travelers realize that it is worth all the pain and sacrifice once they reach a new place. Every new experience makes for new memories and you forget everything that you had to leave for the sake of your passion.

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