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Tips from the Bloggers about Solo Travel in India

By:   |   Dec 05, 2018   |   Views: 297   |   Comments: 0

When you are in India, a solo trip to the mountains or the beaches sounds just so heavenly. The natural beauty of the country co-exists with the urban chaos. It's you who has to choose what you want from your vacation. Not one, but many ideas of vacation exist in this single country called India. Rather than feeling overwhelmed with the mess of advice available online, let us see what different bloggers have to say about solo trip in India.


Even though a foreigner can be easily spotted from a distance in any country, you must maintain confidence in every part of India. When you are self-composed, the petty criminals will not dare to come near you, forget harm you. Being assertive also gives you an upper hand while haggling with the auto-rickshaw drivers, shopkeepers, and peddlers. And if you seem timid or do not maintain eye-contact, you are the soft target for the touts.


Coming from a western country may make it extremely uncomfortable for you to sleep in a new country like India, especially if you are traveling on a budget because you will not be able to afford expensive hotels. Take a day or two to adjust to the local surroundings, the fragrances in the streets, and the chaos on the roads. Once you endure India as a different country, you will be able to adjust quicker and better.


According to Noah, the best place to live in any country is the travelers' hostel. They are colorful and lively places, especially in India, where the hostel culture is relatively new. The hostels are not dirty and dingy as they are portrayed in the rest of the world. They are clean and disciplined accommodations where you can find people of your age, eat local food, and talk to other travelers. It is the best place to make friends in a new city. Hostels are present in many cities in India, most of them are popular tourist destinations.


Anthony says that the folks from the western countries should never drive in India unless they are very confident about it or if they have prior experience of driving in India. Just like they have it in the West, India has also introduced the concept of Self-Drive Cars. Otherwise, you can take a cab for short distance, or a train and an airplane for long distances.


If you are there in Delhi during winter, travel in a Ho-Ho bus or buy a ticket for a DTC green or red bus. Just sit in the bus and travel around the city for a day. You will discover many hidden gems of the city, which are never mentioned in the travel blogs. The colors of Delhi, the vibrant people of the city, the working class- you will experience everything in just one bus ride even if you do not get off it.


Grace gave the most graceful advice just like her name. She says that if you do not like a place in India, do not judge the entire country on its basis. Just skip the location, find out a new place, and find the way to reach there. Every place is not meant for everyone, so is the case with India. You might not like the chaos in Delhi, for example, but many travelers want to live in that mess only because they are tired of their solitary existence in their home country. It all depends on what you want from your vacation in India, whether it is a short trip or a long one.

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