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Things Indians don't want to Talk About

By:   |   Jul 03, 2018   |   Views: 542   |   Comments: 0

When you come to India for the first time, you may have certain impressions in your mind about the country and its inhabitants. Many foreigners want to keep their inhibitions aside and make friends with Indians. However, while making small talk to them, you may touch upon many topics that are quite sensitive to the Indians. Hence, you must refrain from talking about such things that may offend anyone in the country.

The knowledge of English

Although the world now knows that English is a universal language and India is not new to it, some people still feel that most Indians do not know the language. You must be aware that the British rule in India is over since ages, and the inhabitants of the country have well-acquainted themselves with the English language. On the other hand, it is interesting to know that India is the only country where the English language is exploited by every Indian, so much so that it attains a hilarious touch to it.

The arranged marriage

Yes, it is true that arranged marriages happen more often than love marriages in India, but that does not limit the choice of getting married. Asking an Indian if he or she would go for an arranged marriage for sure is a sure way of offending the person. It is an individualâ's choice to go for love marriage, which is acceptable in the Indian society, even after quite a few obstacles.

Cow worship

Indians have considered the cows as sacred for several reasons since ages. Although the Indians do not worship cows, they do respect the animal because of its use in agriculture and its gentle nature. People in India have different opinions about cows. Therefore, it is better to leave this touchy topic aside and talk about something else.

Spiritual awakening and yoga 

Foreigners often have it in their mind that every Indian wants to attain religious awakening and their entire life revolves around yoga. Though it is not very touchy topic, it is better not to expect a monk out of every Indian. Not every person in India is a yoga guru, nor he or she wants to explore the inner self to achieve Nirvana. There are certain saints in a few cities who have taken up this religious lifestyle, but not every Indian.

The unhygienic surroundings

Indians know the flaws of their country; they do not need anyone to remind them of these shortcomings. If you want to eat at a roadside stall, you are most welcome. If you find it unhygienic, you should never let anyone down by mentioning the dirty water or filthy surroundings. Millions of people in India are habitual of eating at roadside eateries, no matter clean or unclean. Refrain from talking about the hygiene level of any place or person and keep your inhibitions to yourself. When you are a tourist in India, you should accept the fact that many places in India are hot, humid, and unclean. You should be mentally prepared to bear these things until you are in the country.

When you are in metropolitans, you will realize that world-class facilities are existent in India. On the one hand, you will see bullock-carts. On the other hand, you will see car hire in Bangalore and many such urban cities. The extreme ends of development co-exist in the cities and villages of India, and people still live in concord with each other. Come to India with an open mind and you will fall in love with the country as well as its citizens.

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