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The Experience of Traveling as a Blogger

By:   |   Aug 09, 2018   |   Views: 239   |   Comments: 0

When you are a traveler, you travel for yourself. However, when you are a travel blogger, you wander around places for everyone else. You have to find a balance between satisfying your travel cravings and creating content for your readers. Nevertheless, the travel bloggers do not and cannot rant about it. They do find joy in blogging for their readers, even when they have to travel for business, not for leisure. If you plan to become a travel blogger, you must know the challenges and opportunities this profession offers.

Being honest

Since you have to travel for people who read your blogs, you may find that you are not doing justice to travel. However, you have to maintain your standing and give honest content to your readers. While blogging professionally, you can take it like you are documenting your memories for yourself first and then your audience. You have to be raw and spontaneous.

Follow your heart

While being a natural traveler, you don’t have to be smitten by what other travelers are doing. They may be reaching the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, but it may not please you at all. Someone may be reaching the deepest caves in South-East Asia, but you may feel claustrophobic there. That is why; it is crucial not to follow the trends and carve your own niche audience. If you love traveling on budget, you don’t have to indulge in any competition for luxury travel. If you like to see the high-rise buildings of New York, the hamlets of Japan may not please you as much. Just follow your heart to become a natural travel blogger.

Clicking photos of everything

When you are a travel blogger, you have to document everything, almost everything. Most travelers are photo enthusiasts, but taking out the camera ten time in an hour may become painstaking when you have to click photos for the sake of documentation. You have to report everything to your readers, and photos are essential along with the written content. However, you must refrain from clicking photos of every little thing you see because you will feel tired of traveling and your readers will feel bored of seeing too many photos.

Handling too many social media accounts

Again, when you handle several social media platforms for blogging or vlogging, it becomes a task. It feels like you are working nine-to-five for your audience who wants to see more and more of you. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter- all of these platforms may feel too tiresome to handle. On the other hand, you can either create your own blog or work of just one or two social media accounts. Specializing in one or two things is better than trying to handle everything together and not being able to deal with any of them.

Leaving the comfort zone

As a travel blogger, you have to do many things that let you reach greater audience. You may not like to go for adventure sports, but it may give you a chance to connect with your readers in a better way. You may have never hired Self-Drive Cars, but doing so may give you more content to write. You may have never made videos of yourself, but it may connect you more with your audience in addition to photos.

Travel bloggers often become too addicted to blogging, so life without internet seems impossible. When you are traveling in outskirts, even then you may have to make sure that you do not go without internet for a day or two at the

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