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The Challenges of Driving on Indian Roads

By:   |   Jan 07, 2019   |   Views: 476   |   Comments: 0

Have you ever been to a children's zoo? There is always something for your entertainment until you are careful enough. Just when you stop being careful and get too close to the animals, things may become ugly. The same is the case with Indian roads; you can have the fun of your life for your entire stint on road unless you are getting late. You might have read the brutally sarcastic quote in the Indian public transportation, "Don't ask the driver to speed up. You are late for work, not him." You have to be responsible for your actions on road and drive very carefully. Keep in mind that no Indian follows the written rules entirely; the rules of the road are different in reality.

Keeping distance is not necessary

With a population of over a billion people, you can expect thousands of people on the roads at the same time, especially in the metropolitans. In other countries, it is mandatory to keep distance with other vehicles, but not in India. You can stay just a feet away from the motor vehicle in front of you. Otherwise, other bikers, pedestrians, and even animals will not let you move an inch from your place.

Condition of the road

Don't expect a flawless highway in India. Indians are aware that they have to be highly vigilant while driving. You never know when you may encounter and unmarked speed-breaker or a pothole. The speed breakers are most common at blind turns because people often construct them illegally. Bumps and dumps on the road are quite common even on main roads; the condition gets even worse as you drive on the inner streets. The roads in the villages are not even constructed with asphalt; they are just marked pathways where you can drive.

Celebrations on roads

For some unknown reason, people in India like to share their happiness with the public. Hence, the make public demonstrations whenever there is a wedding, political rally, religious processions, and convoys of politicians going on. Most of the times, they don't need to ask for permissions. You will often find a lot of public processions going on almost every day of the year, which slows down the already sluggish traffic during peak hours. It is better to avoid the occupied roads because you can never predict the time you may take to reach your destination.

Traffic lights

You will find people following the traffic lights in the cosmopolitan cities, but never in small towns. When you stop at a red light signal, you will often see people overtaking you to stand at a point from where they can begin driving before you or everyone else. It is quite frustrating to see people indulging in such childish tactics just to save a few seconds. People hardly care that they are causing annoyance to everyone else. However, if you break the traffic light and drive off, a traffic police officer will certainly catch you earn a few quick bucks. Follow the traffic rules for your safety; ignore what others are doing.

Driving in India is a roller-coaster ride that you can enjoy only if you buckle up. Although you cannot ignore what others are doing, never indulge in unsafe driving. Once you get habitual of driving on the Indian roads, you will want to have a road trip soon. You can rent best Self-Drive Car Rental in Delhi and drive off anywhere you want for an unforgettable road trip. Every country has its upsides and downsides, so is the case with India. Just be watchful and enjoy your time in this otherwise vibrant country.

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