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Importance of Defensive Driving for Travelers in India

By:   |   Feb 22, 2019   |   Views: 629   |   Comments: 0

When you are in India and you want to drive, you have to brace yourself up for a colossal challenge. The Indian kids learn driving early in their teens without the support of professionally qualified drivers, which means that they themselves become unprofessional drivers. Defensive driving comes to your rescue whenever you are on the Indian highways and inner streets.

Driving a car

  • When you are the driver of your car, you are solely responsible for your safety and that of the two-wheelers and pedestrians at least. Even if everyone else on the road is at fault, if you are in the car or any other bigger vehicle, you will be blamed for the mishap. That is why; it is important to be over-cautious while driving a car on the road.
  • Take care of the blind spot that exists between the rear view mirror and side view mirror; any biker or pedestrian may be present there. It is better to look carefully before taking any abrupt right or left. Never make a turn without turning on the proper indicator.
  • When you are driving locally on smaller roads, you don’t need to maintain much space between your car and the vehicles ahead. However, when you are on the highway, don’t ever go too close to a vehicle ahead at a high speed. If the other vehicle applies sudden breaks because of any other vehicle ahead of it, you will be in trouble along with many others on the road.
  • Keep even more distance with the trucks on the road because a crash with a truck does not harm the truck at all, but the car driver and front passenger suffer the most if the car bangs in it from behind.
  • Switch on the car lights during dawn, dusk, or rains. There are pedestrians and two-wheelers on the road who may not see the cars approaching them if the lights are not switched on.
  • Avoid speeding up the car too much even if the roads seem vacant. India is a crowded country; you cannot speed up for more than a kilometer even on highways. While driving in tourist destinations, it is better to avoid speeding at all times.
  • While parking the car, you must park it carefully without hurting other cars. Spaces in Indian parking lots are tight, which may cause scratches on your car.
  • While getting out of the car, look carefully for anyone coming from behind. Never open the door abruptly; open it slowly and lock the car quickly so that other vehicles can pass by without hindrance.

If you are new in any Indian city, you have to be very careful while driving. The local laws for driving may be different at many places in different parts of the country, which makes it even more complicated to have a smooth drive without the interference of local police. When you are in Mumbai, for example, you may hire Self-Drive Car Rental Mumbai if you wish to go outside the city because the city is too crowded for an outsider to drive on their own. However, when you are in smaller towns or hill stations, you can comfortably drive owing to less traffic.

Driving a car is certainly a challenge in India, but it is easily manageable once you get accustomed to it. For the tourists, it may be a little pain to get habitual of the local customs. Nonetheless, it is fun to maneuver a vehicle when you are out for a vacation in any Indian city as all of them have their own beauty. 

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