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How We Can Reduce the Use of Plastic While Traveling

By:   |   Jul 09, 2018   |   Views: 507   |   Comments: 0

The menace of plastic is not a new thing anymore. We read, hear, and see plastic everywhere. Yet, not many of us are willing to put efforts to reduce the burden on our mother earth, which is not growing any younger with each passing day. As a responsible citizen and traveler of the world, we can take a few steps to reduce our input in plastic pollution.

Use a refillable BPA-free water bottle

Recyclable water bottles are not actually recycled when you throw them in a dustbin. On the deserted mountains and beaches, nobody bothers to pick them up, thereby making these natural beauties dirtier than ever. It costs a lot on the environment and your pocket to buy disposable bottles again and again. A better option is to buy a stylish water bottle and reuse it whenever possible. Fill water in it wherever possible. If you request a café to refill water for you, hardly anyone would refuse. Waterfalls on mountains are the best source of free and fresh water.

Use a canvas bag

Rather than asking for polythene bags every time you buy something, it is good to carry a canvas bag in your backpack. Roll it so that it does not take much space in your backpack and keep it in the mesh pocket for easy access. While buying fruits, vegetables, and groceries, you will feel proud that you are not contributing negatively to the environment. Canvas bags are made of cotton, which is a sustainable material for the environment.

Do not use straws

Straws are cheap, but you hardly need them. While buying a can of soda, or while drinking juice from a disposable glass, you don’t really need a straw to sip your drink. Disposable glasses and bottles are made of non-degradable plastic. If you have bought them already, just do a favor and say no to straws, which often become a part of the landfill rather than being recycled. The ocean is full of plastic straws, which become a threat to the water creatures. Avoid using it.

Carry tiffin boxes

It may sound too silly, but you will find it immensely helpful when you carry a couple of air-tight tiffin boxes with you on your trip. When you eat complimentary breakfast in your hotel, for example, you may want to carry a few chips of fruits with you. Now if you do not have any container to carry it, you may ask for a disposable one or eat outside. Both these options are not great at all. If you are traveling by Self-Drive Car Rental Chandigarh, you can anyhow carry a few extra things without thinking of the additional weight. Even while traveling by public transport, carrying a little box does not harm.

Carry basic utensils

It may sound too overboard for you, but you can carry a basic set of utensils while traveling in a car. It may comprise a plate, two spoons, two forks, and one glass each for every traveler in the group. Admit it or not, it is certainly inconvenient to eat using disposable utensils. Ask the food vendor to do the favor and wash the utensils for you. If it is not possible, you can wipe them off with tissue papers, which are at least degradable in the environment.

It does take a little pain to use less plastic, but is indeed possible. No matter you are traveling or not, you can do your bit and leave minimum carbon print on the environment. If you are determined enough, you can achieve what you want.

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