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How Travelers Face Issues on Road Trips

By:   |   Nov 02, 2018   |   Views: 279   |   Comments: 0

When you are a frequent road tripper, you get habitual of facing a few challenges. However, things tend to aggravate with time when you face them time and again, and you develop a taste of problems you can and cannot stand. Let us see the kind of challenges you may need to deal with, if you choose to go for a road trip in India.

Dirty toilets

It is really brave to bear the grunt of unhygienic and very risky toilets in many countries around the world, and India is also infamous for that. When you are on a road trip, it is a really big deal to find clean toilets unless you are at a fancy restaurant or a boutique hotel. Even the modestly clean toilets are not available at most places because no one is present to clean the washrooms. The other part of the story is that people are also too irresponsible to take care of a public toilet and use the place as if they are the last one to be there.

If you are on a road trip anywhere in Asia, you must empty your bladder even if you do not feel the pressure. You never know until when you might have to wait to find a clean washroom, or relive yourself behind the bushes.

Eating unhealthy food

When you are not in charge of what you eat, you may have to suffice with very unhealthy food for the entire stint of your vacation. Fast food is easily available, and detrimental beverages like sodas and artificial juices are prevalent all over India. Still, if you are conscious about your health, you can avoid eating chips and other snacks. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmers' market, which are plenty in India, and create your own salad whenever you feel hungry. However, you will have to take the pain to carry your utensils, a peeler and a knife with you, which is worth the effort. You will realize it when you grow old while keeping up your healthy habits.

Keeping expenses in budget

It is easy to lose control of your budget if you do not plan it beforehand. For any given destination around the world, you must have a rough idea about the money that will go into visiting it and create a financial plan accordingly. In addition to creating a plan to make expenses, you must follow it as well. Now you may wonder how seasoned travelers keep traveling throughout the year. The answer is that they keep a tab on the money that goes out of their pocket.

When you hire Self-Drive Cars in Kolkata in India, you must read between the lines about the expenses you have to make. When you go for a visit to an adventure park, you must inquire about the cost of the rides and Water Park. Things may go out of hand and you may not be able to afford many vacations just because your outgoings were not in limits.


Dealing with mosquitoes is the worst nightmare of a person who has never been to a campsite. The little insects are not just annoying, but dangerous as well. When you are out for mountain hiking, you cannot stay away from mosquitoes, but keep them away from you by applying anti-mosquito balms.

The issues that travelers face in different countries are more or less same. Therefore, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others, read blogs online, and take cues from your friends to enjoy your vacations at their best.

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