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How to Save Money While Backpacking in India

By:   |   Jul 12, 2018   |   Views: 153   |   Comments: 0

Visualize a backpacker and the next word that comes to your mind will be, miser. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that most backpackers run short on their budget, and that they need to save money every now and then to make their long vacations successful. If you are an Indian planning a backpacking trip, you need to know the following things, especially when you are in a different state in the country.

Search for hostels and homestays

Hotels, even with single-occupancy, are often expensive. Even if you choose one within your budget, you may not get the best services. On the other hand, the hostels are much better option than hotels and guest houses. The trend of hostels and homestays has caught up in India in the last few years. You just need to pay for your bed in a hostel, and you get to use a clean bathroom. Kitchens are usually attached to the premises where you can order or cook your food. For a small cost, staying for a long time becomes really easy in a hostel. Homestays allow you to cook your food and stay in a decent house for a small amount.

Walk whenever possible

While it is not easy to walk in urban cities because of pollution, heat, or cold, you can certainly walk on the hilly and beach areas. The weather is pleasant and the roads are clean enough to go for a peaceful stroll even when you don’t need to. You may feel a little difficulty in carrying your luggage, but things are manageable if you are determined. Cab owners charge hefty amounts to cover small distances. When you are traveling on budget, it is better to walk or use public transport.

Don’t be touristy

There is not harm in being a typical tourist, but it often costs more than what you should spend. If you would eat at a famous restaurant, you will often end up paying for expensive meals. However, small cafés are the best places to eat as they provide good quality food at nominal prices. You can ask a local person about the best place to have cheap food, or follow where you see most locals eating. Moreover, you can take advantage of free tourist spots such as scenic sights, museums, and gardens. Avoid going to expensive locations unless you are very sure that you will receive the worth of your money.   

Share the costs

You can travel solo and in a group at the same time, but you do not need to be friends with everyone in the group. Join a travel group online so that you get to share the cost of travel, lodging, and meals. You may book Self-Drive Car, for example, in any city in India and split the high traveling cost among several people. If you want to eat in a good restaurant, you can order various things at one time and share everything among several people. However, you don’t have to entertain everyone in the group if you don’t feel like. There is an unsaid agreement in such groups that no one intrudes in each other’s privacy.

Backpacking in India is a common trend nowadays, and it has become easier than before. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the cost factor as public transport is quite cheap in the country. With innumerable scenic views all around India, going for a solo trip becomes mandatory at least once in a lifetime. And it is guaranteed that a solo vacation will have an ever-lasting impression on your mind and heart.

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