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Exclusive Indian experiences on the Land of Sadhus

By:   |   Jul 05, 2018   |   Views: 197   |   Comments: 0

Being a tourist in India is way different than being a part of this vibrant nation. You may plan your itinerary to visit the mountains and beaches of India, but there are a few things that you must not miss. The vibrant colors in the chaos of local life is the true essence of India. Read ahead to know what more you can look forward to on your next visit to India.

Onam sadhya meal

The festival of Onam is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Kerala. Two things are prominent throughout the state during this festival: extravagant meals and elaborate floral decorations. Onam Sadhya, as they refer to the 24-course vegetarian meal, consists of delicious items served on a banana leaf. The cuisines on the platter of Onam Sadhya may go up to 60 items! Gear up before you reach Kerala during Onam.

Intoxicate yourself with bhang

Bhang is the oldest intoxicant in the world, and the Indians have been consuming it since 500 BC! This shows that Indians have been party animals much before the world thought about it, even though they appear too composed from the outside. Bhang is made using cannabis, milk, ghee, spice mix, and mangoes. This thick, light green mixture of mouth-watering ingredients has tremendous potential to make you high, so you must consume it cautiously

Attend a big-fat-Punjabi wedding

Punjabis in India are known for the grand weddings, which are full of colors, music, food, and lots of dancing. If a marriage ceremony is too elaborate, it may begin as many as five days prior to the main wedding day and end up a day or two after that. It means that you can enjoy at least a week of vibrancy and enthusiasm in a Punjabi wedding, if you are lucky to get invited to one. Did you read alcohol? Yes, there is a lot of it in a Punjabi wedding along with the kukkad, as they fondly call chicken.

Celebrate Holi

It is because of the festival of Holi that India is known as the land of colors. It is celebrated during the months of February to March. Even though it is a one-day festival, kids start hitting random people on streets with water balloons a week ahead of it. Holi marks the beginning of spring season in the country, and comes packed with colors, fun, and frolic. Since the last few years, Holi has become one among the largest cultural exports from India to the world. The Indians, along with their foreigner friends, celebrate this festival wherever they are in the world. However, if you want to witness the true grandeur of Holi, you must come to India.  North India is especially know for celebrating Holi with class as well as enthusiasm. You can car hire in Delhi without driver and roam around the entire city to witness this festival in its true colors.

Travel in the local trains of Mumbai

You need to have a strong heart to travel in the trains of Mumbai, or the local, as the Mumbai-kars call it. The local is infamous around the world for being the most crowded mode of traveling. If you are not habitual of being in crowded places, the Mumbai local is not for you. However, you can definitely give it a try for once to watch the daily commuters making the most of their travel time by singing bhajans or devotional songs. You can shop for decorative paraphernalia or daily essentials in the Mumbai local and enjoy the typical essence of this unique feature of the city.

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