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Advice for Solo Female Travelers in India

By:   |   Aug 14, 2018   |   Views: 237   |   Comments: 0

Everything you hear from the biased media organizations around the world is not true; they project everything according to a certain image they want to create of a person, place, or thing. It is not appropriate to say that everything you see on the news channels is false, but you must use your discretion to know about various matters. That is to say, take everything with a pinch of salt.

India is considered fairly safe among travelers who have been to the country, but some people have heard nasty stories about India. Crimes can happen in any corner of the world. If something happens to someone, the person might have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. However, it can happen to you in your city as well, or even in countries that are considered safest in the world. Keeping luck out of the issue, solo women travelers can cover most places in India with adequate safety measures. Having said that, India is not country where you can make up your mind for anything on the spot. Even if you want to wing it, you need to follow a certain set of rules come what may.

  • Especially if you are a female, do not drink alcohol beyond your limits of handling yourself properly. If your body is swinging around, you are bound to catch unwanted attention from crooks.
  • Whenever you go out, keep your mobile fully charged beforehand. Invest in a power bank to be on the safer side because you would never want to get lost at an unsafe place without having a mobile to contact someone.
  • Wherever you stay, carry the address of your hotel, guest house, or hostel with you. You should also ask at the reception for the contact number of a couple of trusted taxi drivers, especially in small towns so that you can reach your hotel safely at night. If you are in metropolitans, you can easily get a cab or use cheap Car Rentals if you know driving in India. When you are traveling by trains or buses, you must travel during day time. Avoid traveling at nights unless you take a luxurious mode of travel.
  • Keep someone at home updated about your whereabouts on regular basis. If possible, fix up a time when you should call them or vice versa. It is important that someone in the world should know that you are doing fine in some remote corner of the world.
  • Indians are generally friendly in nature once you initiate a conversation, but you should use your instinct to understand the other person. Meet new people only in public places and never trust anyone blindly. Whenever someone asks you to accompany them to quite places, just refuse blatantly.
  • Scams for tourists are quite prevalent in India. Hence, if you find something too great to be true, just ignore it. If someone seems too kind to help you without asking for it, just refuse to take the assistance. India is not a place where people have all the time in the world to help strangers. In short, you are better to be on your own rather than be with random strangers.
  • Though there are not many hostels in India, you can still find a few in tourist places. You can make friends with other travelers there, but with caution.
  • If you want to party late at night, you must know the right places to do so, preferably with a company of male friends.
  • Wear clothes that cover your body to avoid unwanted stares from men.

Follow the above tips to be safe in India and just enjoy your vacation.

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