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Why Indians Style of Eating with Hands is Awesome

By:   |   Oct 04, 2018   |   Views: 224   |   Comments: 0

While the western world is still amazed at the way Indians use their hands to eat, the residents of India carry on their traditional way of eating. We have our own swag that the western countries cannot understand. We understand that the native Indian cuisines taste best when you eat them with bare hands. We do not need to eat everything with 5-6 pieces of cutlery just to prove that we can be equivalent to America or the UK. Nevertheless, we can explain this ritual to everyone who comes to us with a question mark on his or her face about how any why we take pleasure in eating with exposed hands.

The native Indian foods

Indians are famous for making the best curry in the world. Along with curry and dry vegetables, we make chapatis and paranthas, which are called flat breads in the West. These breads are best handled when you do it with hands. You may feel like an amateur if you try to eat a chapati with fork and knife! Never do it in India!

Boned meat

Boneless chicken is expensive, and is not even available everywhere in India, especially the rural India. No matter the amount of effort you put in separating the meat from bones in chicken, mutton, or fish, you will never be successful at pulling out most of the meat. Just imagine an animal died for becoming your food and what a waste it is if you cannot eat the entire meat in your plate!

Mindful eating

The ancient scriptures mention that eating with hands helps in careful eating practice, which means keeping a watch on everything that goes into your stomach. You give more attention to your food in the plate when you eat with hands. You will look at the food, touch it with hands, feel the texture, and then put it into the mouth. Mindful eating boosts your health by improving amalgamation of nutrients in the food.

No burning of mouth

When you touch the food with your dominant hand, you automatically judge its temperature. Your mind tells you that the temperature of the food is comfortable to put into the mouth or not. If it is too hot, you know that you must wait for a few seconds for it to cool down. On the other hand, using cutlery does not let you evaluate the food temperature, and hence cause discomfort to you if it is too hot or too cold. Eating with hands saves you from burning your mouth, and bear the pain for days.

Food on banana leaves

In South India, they serve food on the banana leaves most of the time. And if you use cutlery to pick up food from those leaves, the knife and fork might even pierce through it. You will have your food running in all directions if you tear the banana leaf apart.

The hygiene factor

While many people think that eating with hands is the most hygienic way to do it, but eating with cutlery is. However, the fact is that Indians always wash their hands before and after eating their meal. On the contrary, you can never be sure if the cutlery was washed properly or not, especially at modest restaurants. Dozens of people use the same set of knives and forks every day, but only you use your hands to eat.

So the next time someone tells you that you are too ancient and unhygienic to eat with bare hands, you must show them the informative articles on the internet. While Indians are happy with innovative things in the country like Self-Drive Cars, we are still happy eating our takeaway burgers with bare hands in the same cars. No arguments about that!

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