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Window Blinds: Common Issues And Their Solution That You Should Know About

By:   |   Feb 12, 2019   |   Views: 784   |   Comments: 0

The window blinds are considered the most efficient type of window treatment that gives you a great deal of control. They enable you to amend the angle and amount of the natural light coming into your living space, as well as you will be able to view the outdoors. You can likewise choose to control when to open and close the window blinds, this solely depends upon your requirement for protecting the house from peeping toms and also sometimes from the sun.

Blinds can change you to the look of your house by adding visual appeal to a generally bland looking living space and can assist you with mixing up the colors and design texture in a room. Keeping them spotless and functional can be tedious sometimes, yet by opting for blinds replacement services in Annapolis MD, you can spare the expense of repairing the blinds more frequently than should be expected.

Below are some of the tips that address some of the common issues that occur with these window blinds.

Replacing The Slats Of The Blinds

Opt to work with the professional blinds installers in Annapolis MD or the areas near you to ensure that the holes in the slats of the blinds are precisely cut to match the previous holes slats. Keep in mind that this is not something that can be done tenuously.

·        First, you need to remove the bottom rail plugs in order to reveal the lift cord.

·        Open the knot of the lift cord and pull the lift cord from the front side of the blind.

·        Replace the slats of the blind.

·        Then restring the blinds.

·        Insert the lift cord back through the bottom rail hole and tie a knot, make sure that the bottom rail hangs straight.

·        Use a rubber mallet to replace the bottom rail plugs.

Shortening The Window Blinds

·        At first, you need to remove the bottom rail plugs to in order to reveal the lift cord of the window blinds.

·        Remove the bottom rail and the slats till the point you have reached the desired length.

·        After that, you ought to insert the bottom rail below the last slat.

·        Tie the knot in the lift cord under the bottom rail and cut the extra string that is hanging.

·        Insert the lift cord back through the bottom rail hole and tie a knot, make sure that the bottom rail hangs straight.

·        Use a rubber mallet to replace the bottom rail plugs.

Troubleshooting The Tilt Issue

Before changing the tilt system, verify whether the tilt pole is not blocked from turning or is not twisted. You can likewise splash spray the headrail parts with a silicon shower to cure any strange firmness and squeaking sound.

Adjusting The String Ladder

·        A metal crease is joined to the highest point of the string ladder. This crease is embedded into the opening of the highest point of the roll. This opening strait to hold the crease safely in its place.

·        To discharge the string ladder from the tape roll, you ought to move the crease to the wider extensive opening and then remove it.

·        The crease then would be able to be moved. Extra creases are available in the local hardware stores near you and can likewise be utilized to adjust the position of the blinds too.

·        In the End, embed the crease or tie a knot into the opening on the highest point of the tape roll and move to the conical opening to secure it in a place.


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