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Getting Your Pets Into The Halloween Spirit

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 56   |   Comments: 0

People dress up like animals all the time for Halloween - why not go the opposite way and dress your pets up like people? After all, pets are part of the family for a lot of people. They take them everywhere, buy them gifts, get spa treatments for them - why not a Halloween costume too?

Now, it goes without saying that dressing your pet in a Halloween costume is more for the owner's enjoyment than the pet's. Having said that, you'll know your pet better than anyone. If your pet gets stressed out easily or doesn't like wearing a costume, don't force the issue.

The best costumes for pets are the ones that don't make them feel too restricted or confined. You might be able to get away with something that goes on their head - a hat or crown perhaps - and something that ties (loosely) around their middle.

Anything more intricate than that probably isn't going to work and could well end up a shredded, torn mess if your pet decides they don't want to wear it.

Many pet stores carry pet costumes, especially around Halloween, but you'll probably find the best selection online. Most costume websites also carry costumes for pets, which are usually sized according to the animal's weight.

Costumes designed for pets should be made without any dangerous pieces, but you should always double check before getting your pet all dressed up. Watch for anything that could be swallowed or anything that could get tied up, whether around your pet's neck, it's legs, etc.

Once you've got your pet all dressed up the next trick will be getting them to sit still long enough for pictures. Some people are lucky and their pets will sit still for almost anything, but for most it will be a race to get the shot before your pet is off and running, trying to get out of the costume you've spent so much time preparing!

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