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Hygiene the utmost importance in a hotel kitchen

By:   |   Jul 03, 2018   |   Views: 197   |   Comments: 0

Hygiene the utmost importance in a hotel kitchen Hotels are hospitality centers where people can easily come around to stay whenever they are outside of their locality. There are also people who sometimes just go there to relax whenever they want a break from their home. Apart from accommodation however, most hotels offer a lot of other services including commercial kitchens and restaurants. Based on this, it becomes possible for people who come to stay in the hotel or who came to have a conference and other meetings in the hotel to order for food and eat in their restaurant. Furthermore, there will also be instances where people come around to the hotel just to have a meal and leave. It is however very important for hotel kitchens to maintain a high level of hygiene due to the reasons explained below. Diseases and germs When food is prepared in an environment that is not hygienic, diseases and germs often find their way into the food. When this happens, anybody that consumes the food ends up having one illness or the other, depending on the type of diseases and germs. This could range from purging, stomach pain, worms and even poisoning. It is therefore vital for hoteliers to be very mindful of how hygienic their hotel kitchens are and always ensure that their chefs have attended a culinary institute or undertaken a cookery course where they are taught about the importance of hygiene and how to cook in a hygienic way. To avoid trouble There have being instances where hoteliers have being dragged to court by their customers and they had to pay heavily due to the fact that their kitchen were unhygienic. The customers were able to proof that they fell ill after eating from a particular restaurant and on inspection of the kitchen, it was discovered that the kitchen operated a very poor level of hygiene. Based on this, they were sanctioned and ask to pay compensation to the customers and other fines for not adhering to the health codes for hotel kitchens. In severe cases, their kitchen and even hotel were completely closed down for a period of time or even permanently. It is therefore important that hotel kitchens add good hygiene to the culinary arts they display to their customers. To avoid losing customers One of the easiest ways to lose customers is by having a kitchen with very poor hygiene. People do not only want to eat good food, but they also want to eat very clean food. Irrespective of how tasty your food is therefore, once people begin to notice a poor level of hygiene, they will leave without ever coming back. You can imagine a customer settling to start to eat in your hotel restaurants or while eating, he or she observes a dead fly inside the food. He or she will not be able to complete eating that food and would most likely feel like vomiting. They will feel bad having to consume a food with poor hygiene and might never come back to that restaurant ever again. 

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