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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General
  2. Registration, Login, and Profile Information
  3. Submitting Articles
  4. Republishing Articles
  5. Statistics
  6. Copyright Issues
  1. General
    • What is FireflyArticles?
    • FireflyArticles is a free article directory where you can submit and find articles. You can publish your articles for free or find content for your website, ezine, or newsletter.
    • Is FireflyArticles only available in English?
    • Yes, it is. We're working to make it available in other languages.
    • May I publish articles I find on FireflyArticles on my website?
    • You may add articles to your website as long as you comply with our Terms of Use. Our TOS basically states that you must keep full author credit with all its respective links, a link to FireflyArticles.com, must keep the article intact (no editing)  and keep all links active.

    • Does it cost money to submit articles to FireflyArticles?
    • No, we do not charge for article publication or pay for submitted content. We run advertising on our site to help us keep the site running free of charge.
    • How can I contact the author of an article?
    • When you are on the article page, click "Contact Author" on the left side of the page.

      You may also find additional contact information on the author's bio.

    • I'd like to advertise on FireflyArticles. Who should I contact?
    • Currently we are not adding new advertisements to our site, but you are welcome to try one of the following options:
      1. Use Google Adwords site targeting and choose our site for your pay-per-click ads; or
      2. Open an account on FireflyArticles.com, publish articles on your chosen subject(s), and insert details about your business, contact details, and a link to your site into your Author Bio.
        Publishing articles on FireflyArticles.com is free.
    • Does FireflyArticles have a link exchange program?
    • At the present time, we don’t have a link exchange program, however you are welcome to subscribe and publish articles on your subject of choice, and include a link to your website in the Author's Bio section.
  2. Registration, Login, and Profile Information
    • How do I edit my Author Bio?
    • Log in to your account at www.FireflyArticles.com with your e-mail address and password, go to Settings -> Edit info and edit your Author Bio.

      You can also have a specific bio for each article, so you may want to go to "View/Edit Articles" and correct the bio in the specific article.

    • How do I upload a photo to my account?
    • Please go to Gravatar to update your photo.

    • How can I suggest a new article category?
    • Please contact us to suggest a new category.

      In the meantime, we suggest you look for a similar or more general category for your articles. You may change the article's category at any time.

  3. Submitting Articles
    • Will I receive payment for my submitted articles?
    • No, at FireflyArticles.com we provide a free resource for both publishers and readers.
    • How long does it take to have my articles reviewed?
    • Our team guarantees reviews in up to 96 hours, but in most cases we review articles within 48 hours. You will receive an email notification once your article has been approved or rejected.
    • How can I find where my article has been republished?
    • We recommend using Google and Bing to search for copies of your articles. You should conduct a search in the follow format:

      "title of your article" +source +FireflyArticles
    • I Googled my name, but when I clicked on the results I was redirected to another author’s article. Why is that?
    • On each article page, FireflyArticles publishes links related to that article. Google must have found your name in the Related Articles section of the article.
    • How do I place links in my articles?
    • If your enter URLs in the form of http://www.mydomain.com they will become auto linked.

      If you wish to have a keyword link, you will need to use the following HTML code:

      <a href="http://www.mydomain.com">keyword</a>
    • Which HTML tags do you allow?
    • We currently only allow the following HTML tags:

      <br />, <p>, <b>, <i>, <em>, <strong>, <u>, <a href>
    • How do I change my article's category?
    • In order to change the category of an article, log in to your account at www.FireflyArticles.com with your e-mail and password, go to "My Articles" and click "Edit" by the article whose category you’d like to change. In the next screen, browse through the categories, select the desired category, and save your changes.

    • Can my article be submitted to more than one category?
    • No, it cannot. Please submit each article only once. Multiple submissions of the same article will result in its removal.
    • How do I add a picture to my article?
    • Unfortunately, we do not have this feature yet.
    • Why was my article rejected?
    • Chances are your article was rejected because it violated one of our submission guidelines. If you think your article has been unfairly rejected, feel free to contact us and we will take another look.
    • What are hard line breaks?
    • Hard line breaks basically mean that you have clicked “Enter” in the middle of a paragraph instead of letting the text wrap freely. For example, instead of:

      “My dog’s name is Spot, he loves to run around and play in the water”

      Your paragraphs may show up as:.

      “My dog’s name is Spot,

      he loves to run around and

      play in the water”
  4. Republishing Articles
    • How do I republish articles on my site?
    • There are three ways to republish articles from FireflyArticles:

      1. Copy the article by using the "Syndicate this Article" option at the right side of the article; or
      2. Use our RSS Builder and have an updated feed of articles in the topics of your choice by using a simple code implementation.
      3. Click the "Publish this Article" link on the left navigation bar. You will be redirected to a new page with the complete HTML, which you can copy and paste on to your website.
    • May I publish articles in my local newspaper?
    • We allow free reprints of articles from our website in conjunction with our Terms of Use. If you wish to publish content from our website in an offline media, we require you contact the author directly for permission. This can be done by clicking the "Contact Author" option on the article page that you wish to publish.
  5. Statistics
    • What's the difference between "Views" and "30 Day Views"?
    • The number of views appearing in the "Views" column is the total number of views your article has received since it was submitted. The number of views appearing in the "30 Day Views" column show how many views your article has received over the past 30 days.

    • What's the difference between "Views" and "Visits"?
    • The number of views reflects how many total times the article has been viewed, while the number of visits reflects the number of unique visitors to your article, One unique visitor may have read your article more than once.

  6. Copyright Issues
    • I see my article on FireflyArticles, but I did not submit it myself. I own all the rights. What should I do?
    • Please contact us and send us the link to the plagiarized article on FireflyArticles, as well as your original link.

    • I found one of my articles republished without the proper credit or links. What should I do?
    • If you have contacted them and they have not corrected the error after a few days, you can contact the site’s ISP and ask them to have the article removed.