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Why Loom Solar and It’s Wide Range Of Solar Inverters?

By:   |   Aug 29, 2018   |   Views: 131   |   Comments: 0

The use of solar charger inverter has been increasing day by day. A solar charger inverter is a common inverter that uses energy from the sun which is known as solar energy. Solar Charge

Inverter is highly beneficial in the world today, taking into consideration the rate of electricity cuts and the high rate of electricity charges. Solar Charge Inverter is a device that converts the current using the solar panels into alternating-current which are being used for commercial appliances as well as domestic appliances. Top Solar Charge Inverter brands in India are Luminous, Su-Kam and Microtek. Solar charge inverters are widely available at Loom Solar.

Luminous Solar Inverter

Luminous Solar Charge Inverter begins from the price range of Rs 3600. Microtek Solar Charge

Inverter and Sukam Solar Charge Inverter are also available along with Luminous solar in water.

Luminous Solar Charge Inverter are one of the most widely available Solar Charge Inverter in India. The high rate of customer satisfaction and superior quality products is the reason behind such popularity of Luminous solar inverter. All the product models of Luminous Solar Inverter are available at a heavy discounted rate, which sets Loom Solar apart from other website and platform. Luminous is one of the oldest inverter company in India which has made its mark as the leader in the industry. It manufactures solar inverters ranging from 350 VA to 50 kW. In the sector of grid tied and off grid solar inverters, Luminous Solar Inverter are becoming more and more popular each day.

Microtek Solar Inverter

Microtek is another leader in the field of making inverters for home. Microtek also manufactures other kinds of solar appliances like stabilizers and other solar products. Microtek Solar Inverter has designed solar inverters in a way that is meant to utilise the maximum power of the sun for the generation of electricity. There are two types of Microtek Solar Inverter which are being manufactured by Microtek: hybrid solar inverters and grid tied solar inverter. The price range of hybrid inverters by Microtek starts from Rs.6,600. The price is based upon the capacity of the inverter. The Microtek solar inverter also comes with warranty which last for 15 to 20 years.

Sukam Solar Inverter

Sukam is another leading brand in India in the field of solar inverter. Sukam Solar Inverter carries out is business in more than 70 countries all across the globe. The Sukam Solar Inverter also includes inverters which are meant for commercial, residential and industrial purposes.

Sukam Solar Inverter is one of the best solar inverter in India which is ideally fit for home

Sukam Solar Inverter model of Brainy eco-is one of the best hybrid solar inverter in India which functions like a normal inverter as well as off grid solar system as it can charge batteries through solar and grid, in both ways. The price range of hybrid inverters by Sukam starts from Rs.7,800.

The major benefit that solar charge inverter has is its ability to diminish the impact of greenhouse gas on the environment. Solar charge inverters are also financially effective as it is easier than generators.

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