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Smart Trader'S Market Analysis Software

By:   |   Jun 17, 2018   |   Views: 452   |   Comments: 0

In a volatile and turbulent market, technical traders can find confidence in their trades by using one of the many stock market analysis software programs currently available. These programs utilize market analysis strategies, such as charting, back testing, optimization and scanning. Charting involves the using of charts to predict market movements and spot opportunities. Back testing enables a trader to test timing strategies against the historical price movements, with performance measurements such as the Sharpe ratio taken into account. Optimization optimizes technical market analysis parameters to generate maximum returns based upon historical price movements. Scanning involves "scanning" the markets for opportunities that meet the investment criteria of the user.

TradeStation, developed by TradeStation Securities, provides both research and trading. The support system allows the small investor to have the same advantages as large scale technical traders. Using the EasyLanguage programming language, TradeStation enables the use of both pre-defined and custom-made indicators that meet the user's investment criteria. Version 8.4 is the current version of TradeStation. It provides real time data only for the US markets and the German DAX exchange. The pros of the software include the ability to monitor multiple markets and automatically execute trading ideas. Cons include the lack of real time data on European and Asian markets. Hardware requirements include minimum RAM of 128mb and minimum hard drive space of 75mb. TradeStation costs $59.95 a month for RadarScreen real-time scanning and $99.95 a month for the base platform.

VectorVest, developed by VectorVest Inc, provides stock ratings, market timing analysis, sector analysis and investment education. A well written program, VectorVest is simple to use, with good customer service and a user friendly site. VectorVest, however, lacks sophistication compared to TradeStation. Overcrowded with promotions for the company's investor education seminars, the site becomes frustrating to use. Also, the program focuses too much on high turnover trading, making it hard to use without being a day trader. VectorVest's pros are in its simplicity, while its cons are in the glut of promotion and lack of sophistication. Requiring 7-14mb of disk space, VectorVest US costs $59 per month or $645 a year, while VectorVest real-time costs $129 a month or $1395 a year.

MetaStock, developed by Thomson-Reuters' Equis division, has won the Stocks and Commodities Reader's Choice Award 16 times. A powerful, effective program that is easy to use, MetaStock analyzes stocks, FOREX, futures and options, as well as e-minis. The software includes over 100 standard programs, as well as the option to create your own custom programs. With informative advice from Expert Advisor and an RMO trading system, MetaStock offers both Real Time and End of Day data feeds. MetaStock pros include its wide array of options and user friendliness. MetaStock cons are primarily its subscription costs. MetaStock charges extra to get data on Europe and Asia, making it costlier than other market analysis software programs. With dozens of pricing options, MetaStock's End of Day basic program, MetaStock 10, costs $499 a year. It requires 256mb of RAM and 300MB of disk space.

TradeStation, VectorVest and MetaStock each offer suburb market analysis, user-friendly platforms and quality, reliable service. Leveling the playing field for the individual trader, these programs allow their respective users to seek the numerous market opportunities that can be found via technical trading analysis.

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