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What is a Solar Charge Controller - LoomSolar

By:   |   Sep 04, 2018   |   Views: 136   |   Comments: 0

As the name describes, the use of word solar then positively the naturally available sunlight is being used in an electric products. A multi task electric appliance is today’s need, One such appliance is the ‘PWM Solar Charge Controller’ what will be more efficient way to generate electricity naturally by capturing the sun light. You must buy pwm solar controller as the Solar Charge Converter is used in every home for the electrification purpose and to rejuvenate the electrification process, this solar converters are used. It takes a lot of electricity and power by an electric appliance to charge itself and lots of energy gets wasted, so to overcome this wastage the solar charge converters plays a vital role in using the energy efficiently.

The sukam pwm solar charge controller converters are used to charge the battery of the electric appliance by solar, through solar panels. In easy words, the big advantage of buying best pwm solar charge controller is, it converts normal inverter to solar inverters still that doesn’t mean one should replace the older inverter with the newer one, the same inverter gets converted by the easy steps:-

#Purchase of Solar charge controller:-

Various electrical companies available in the market sell their products ,Microtek/Su-kam/Luminous companies have better ratings of this product. Luminous have shine 2420 (model no) solar converter, named as solar conversion kit. Also 5 types of Microtek Solar Charge Controller are available:-

a)     MTK1012 SMU i.e., 10 ampere 12 v

b)    MTK 3012 SMU, 30 ampere 12 v

c)     MTK 6012 SMU, 60 ampere 12v

d)    MTK 3021SMU, 30 ampere 21v

e)     MTK 6024 SMU, 60 ampere 24v

Visit the eminent site for electric appliances https://www.loomsolar.com/collections/solar-panels, here it is available in minimal cost with warranty letter & Check for discounts available.

Is Charge Controller necessary?

@1. Used to prevents battery overcharge

@2. Used to control current and voltages

@3. Prevents battery discharge at night through the solar modules

Charge Controllers are available with 3 technologies:

@1. Simple 1 or 2 stage controls

@2. PWM (pulse width modulated)

@3. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

PWM Solar Charge Converter and Difference b/w PWM and MPPT Controllers and Listed below is the main and primary difference between a pwm and mppt controller:-

1)    PWM is a technology used in transferring the electrical signals earlier days, it stands for Pulse Width Modulation.

2)    By looking at the design it is not distinguishable which one is PWM or MPPT.

3)    MPPT is little expensive than PWM solar charge converter but worth it due to its advanced features.

4)    The PWM, operates by making a connection directly from solar panel to battery

5)    These Solar Controllers are easy to connect as, in the back side of the box the connection diagram is drawn

6)    Whereas, the MPPT converts voltage input to battery voltage also increases the current when voltage is dropped automatically.

7)    Remember to connect it proper otherwise the lights on panel rev and battery rev, if it blinks that means your connection with solar panel is just reversed

8)    And when properly connected the device lights on button in it.


Price available in the market of Solar Charge Converter is INR 1500, but in the LoomSolar.com website link is mentioned above it is available in discounted price. To convert normal to solar inverter the above mentioned devices are necessary to buy this solar converter.

Source: - Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.

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