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Choose the Best Solar Charge Controller for Your Solar System

By:   |   Aug 29, 2018   |   Views: 135   |   Comments: 0

Wholesome products primarily beneficial for the health is chosen by consumers. With the electric appliances, a consumer thinks to purchase the goods having high price perhaps this is the mind-set that goods having high price benefits the consumer more regardless this is not always true. A multi task electric appliance is today’s need, One such appliance is the ‘Solar Charge Controller’ what will be more efficient way to generate electricity naturally by capturing the sun light.

Introduction to Solar Charge Controller:-

A solar Charge Controller is a voltage and a current controller to charge the battery and keep electric cells safe from overcharging.It directs the voltage and current flowing in the solar panels setting off to the electric cell. The voltage that goes to the battery directly comes from the solar panels and after arriving it gets distributes into the batteries. Now-a-days, technology is so advanced that it is using maximum power point tracking technology, MMPT and latest generation microprocessor in the solar charger controller.

There are 3 different types of solar charge controllers, that is:-

1.      Simple 1 or 2 stage controls

2.      PWM (pulse width modulated)

3.      Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

With the use of MPPT technology, the solar controller takes 30% more energy than ordinary technology charge controller and thus increases the performance and life expectancy of a machine. These controllers truly identify the best working voltage and amperage of the solar panel and match that with the electric cell bank. The current and voltage that are arriving from the panels are boosted by this technology we call it by the name “advanced MPPT”. For example, if the solar panels make 15v then MPPT solar charge controller will deliver 16v to the battery. With the help of this, the current and voltage get translated into solar savings and due to this, the batteries will charge more quickly. One get solar energy equal to 10 solar panels from just 8 solar panels.

Features of Solar Charge Controller:-           

§  More efficiently take the electricity from solar panels with MPPT technology.

§  The battery is protected from getting overcharged.

§  No need of system maintenance and long lasting batteries.

§  Auto charged indication.

§  Reliability is high.

§  10amp to 40amp of charging current.

§  Monitors the reverse current flow.

Actual Price of Solar Charge Controller in India:-

With the advanced technology, MPPT this whole system is neither of high cost nor it is too low in the price just affordable by anyone. ‘Microtek/Luminous/Sukam’ the renowned companies made smart solar charge controller to detect if there is a high current because very high voltage from solar panels if fed directly to battery may damage the charge controller therefore smart detection is needed.

Also these appliances are offered in minimal amount by the eminent website for buying electric appliances is Loom Solar.com. It shows the best price of electric goods with discounted offers available at the website.                                                                                 

The prices get increase according to the voltage supply and current carrying capacity.

Applications of Solar Charge Controller:-                                                     

In recent days, the process of generating electricity from sunlight is more in use a as it the eco-friendly, economically best and efficient method than any other alternative sources and the photovoltaic panels are absolutely pollution free and they don’t require high maintenance. Here are some examples where solar energy is used-

The photovoltaic cells are used by the street lights through which the sunlight is converted in to DC electric charge. For multiple energy sources, hybrid solar system is used.

Source: - Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.

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