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Painful Culprit of Cold Sore

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

A small sore situated on the face or in the mouth that causes pain, burning, or itching before bursting and crusting over. The favorite locations are on the lips, chin or cheeks and in the nostrils. Less frequented sites are the gums or roof of the mouth (the palate). A small blister on the lips or face, caused by a virus. Also called a fever blister. It is a oral herpes: caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).

Cold sores can easily be transmitted between people through saliva or some other direct contact. Blisters often form on the lips and or inside the mouth. These can frequently turn into painful ulcers that make gums turn red and swell. Some people can suffer from fever, muscle aches, swollen neck glands and irritability when they get a cold sore.

Cold sores are a form of a herpes virus type 2. This virus follows a nerve pathway and can be brought about (after initial infection) through trauma or irritation. Having a cold and blowing your nose or a sunburn can be the aggervation needed to bring about a flair up. This is why you started with a sore in one spot and now have sores in another area, the virus is following a nerve pathway.

There are a variety of cold sore cures. Generally, it is best to practice an early treatment regime. When the initial symptoms such as tingling or burning become evident then applying a cold sore cure immediately may prevent the blister from forming or at the very least help the cold sore heal faster.

You immune system has a lot to do with triggering a cold sore (herpies). Although the lip stuff is topical (it won't hurt), I would strongly suggest that you take the lysine tablets (to treat it from the inside out).

Take Vitamen C and avoid the sun.Change of seasons and sunburns and especilly stress seem to trigger out breaks.Wear sunblock.winter and summer.

OTC called Abreva is the best but its very expensive so Car-mex is also very good but if u have enough money you should buy Abreva the best things about these products are that you don't have to go to your doctor

The only thing that I have known to really get rid of a cold sore is time. From stinging sensation which usually indicates a sore is coming until it is completely gone is usually around 10 -14days. There are a few things that can be done one is acyclovir prescription from a physician. Non steroidal antiinflammatories such as Motrin or Advil will help with the blisters this will need to be taken frequently through the day not to exceed amount on bottle. The prescription medication is designed to excelerate the breakout making it go away faster than it would without it. Remember to rest accordingly and get plenty of fluids as this is an illness and has the potential to make you feel ill. Hope this helps. Herpes 2 can be transmitted rather innocently, don't worry about what others think.

Get a prescription for Acyclovir. I take 400 mg, 3 times a day for 5 days. I shave off a tiny bit of both tablets and mix with the abreva and tea tree and lather on the sore.

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