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Lifestyle and Lasik

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0
Some activities and occupations can cause complications for LASIK patients and should be avoided immediately after surgery, and some should be avoided indefinitely. That doesn't mean that you cannot have refractive surgery to correct your vision, but it may mean that you should consider an alternative procedure such as PRK.

During your recovery period you need to be especially careful about your activities. Plan ahead so that you can avoid complications.

Water sports

After LASIK your eyes will be very vulnerable to infection. You will need to refrain from water sports for at least one to two months. Natural water, such as sea and lake water, is full of bacteria and organisms which can easily invade your eyes. Swimming pools and hot tubs are chlorinated, but that does not mean that they are contaminant free. On top of the bacteria which can still be found in chlorinated water, chlorine causes dry eye. More aggressive water sports, such as water skiing or even diving, may cause flap complications, due to the impact involved.

LASIK makes swimming and other water sports, such as water skiing and scuba diving, a real possibility for people who have not been able to enjoy the water. Just don't get started too soon.

High altitude activities

Pressure changes and lack of oxygen can affect your vision at very high altitudes. The effects are temporary, but can be dangerous at the time they are occurring, not to your eyes, but because you can't see. It is normally only an issue at extremely high altitudes, well over 10,000 feet. This can happen whether you have had LASIK surgery or not. A more common problem is dry eye. Even at less extreme altitudes, mountain climbers and skiers usually encounter high winds which can contribute to dry eye. Dry eye can cause complications after LASIK.

Sunlight and tanning booths
UV exposure can reverse the effects of LASIK and cause late-onset corneal haze. You must protect your eyes from UV rays for at least six weeks to several months after LASIK surgery. This includes exposure to natural sunlight and tanning beds. If you wear eye glasses you may not be in the habit of wearing sunglasses because of the inconvenience. If you do not already have a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection, purchase a pair, that is comfortable and that you will enjoy wearing, as part of your preparation for surgery.

Contact sports

LASIK is not appropriate for people who play contact sports on a regular basis. You absolutely must refrain from playing contact sports for at least one month after LASIK surgery. After this period, you will have to wear protective eye wear every time you play a contact sport including, but not limited to:




Racquet ball

Martial arts




A blow to your eyes can cause flap complications.
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