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How to Ease your Pain With Aromatherapy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 37   |   Comments: 0

Aromatherapy - is the use of so-called essential oils - extracted from flowers, fruits, plants and trees - to relieve anxiety, nausea, insomnia, pain and other symptoms.

The Chinese are known to be the first cultures to use aromatic plants for well-being. Later came the Egyptians, Peria and India known as inventors of crude distillation machines.

Aromatherapy is found everywhere. It is even in dish detergent. This is not to be confused with synthetically scented soaps and candles sold in New Age boutiques, perfume oils or for commercial fragrance use.

Whether you are suffering from pain or hate your visit to the dentist, did you know that aromatherapy could ease your stress level and even lessen your recollection of a painful experience?

Dentists, hospices, nursing homes and now hospitals are starting to see the value of using these essential oils in making their patients feel comfortable and relaxed before a procedure.

You can even use them at home. Everyday consumers can purchase essential oils commercially, but should be cautious about quality. So-called fragrance oils are fake or might be a mixture of extract and a synthetic. Be sure it is 100 percent essential oil. Some can even be dangerous and not to be used directly on the skin. It would be better to consult an Aromatherapy Practioner or you can learn more about the safe and effective use of essential oils in the book - Essential Oil Safety:A Guide for Health Care Professionals. By author, Robert B. Tisserand and Tony Balacs found in Amazon.com.

The most common used oils are as follows:

Lavender - anxiety & healing insect bites.

Ginger - for nausea.

Peppermint - for headaches.

Rosemary - for bursitis.

Neroli oil from orange blossoms is a fragrant relaxant.

Eucalyptus - is good for colds.

Woody oils such as patchouli and others are effective for eczema and chapped skin; the flowers such as lavender and chamomile are anti-depressants, citrus also known to help the lymphatic system.

Studies have shown that these essential oils will not take away your pain but it can make a person's memory of the pain less bitter.

So, will you consider aromatherapy before your next dentist appointment or medical procedure? Even if the oil does not take your pain away, it may reduce "negative recollections" of a painful procedure. And that might keep you from skipping trips to the doctor or dentist.

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