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How Chelation Agents Work

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

The word chelation has different connotations. In the field of health and nutrition it refers to chelated minerals. But when it comes to chelation therapy it refers to process inside the body. Chelated materials refer to the process outside the body. In indicates how different minerals are processed to make chelated minerals. Inside the body chelation process indicates how the chelating agents work on the minerals and molecules not good for the body. The process takes place in the stomach or intestine and flushes out unwanted materials from the body. Basically the process of chelation is comprehensive. It mainly deals with how the EDTA the main chelation agent works on the toxic metals and minerals.

EDTA is the main component of the this therapy, be it oral or intravenous. In both ways EDTA is administered onto the patients. This EDTA enters the blood stream and binds the metals and minerals together and eliminates them to cleanse the blood. There are two theories regarding how the process goes on for different health conditions. Theory one says that EDTA gets attached with the free radicals and active molecular fragments. These are harmful fragments and can damage the body tissues and blood vessels also. Second theory says that EDTA gets associated with calcium and other such minerals. It starts a mechanism which ultimately improves the condition of blood vessels and cells.

Ahen a patient is administered with chelation therapy EDTA helps dilate the blocked blood vessels and makes them more open and flexible. Further it reduces the inflammation in the arteries and stops the process of plaque formation. It results in increased blood flow through in the veins and arteries and improves the cardiovascular condition. That is how chelation process improves the atherosclerosis condition. In addition to it this process also helps improves the blood sugar condition and osteoarthritis. More over there are evidences that the process of chelation is also beneficial in the cases of memory loss and cataract as the process cleanse the body and bloodstream of heavy toxic metals.

Basically this process is a constant natural process. It includes several body processes involving formation of vitamins enzymes and hormones applying the same chelation process. The difference between the natural chelation process and the chelation therapy relation process is that some useful substances are formed and assimilated in the natural chelation while in chelation therapy unwanted toxic substances are eliminated from the body. The process is sme but the end result is different. But the results are beneficial for the maintenance of good health.

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