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The Importance of Headlines - How to Create a Flashy Headlines?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

To create a good ad, you will need a good platform to spring off of. What is the platform for an advertisement? The platform is the headline. Headlines is the most important thing that will catch the reader's attention when the first time they open your page. Why are headlines so important? Why do you think, marketers spend so much time just to writing them, re-writing them, testing them, and tweaking them? The answer is simple. That's because the headline is the premise of the entire ad.

Take a look at these two headlines and guess which is the best

"Finnaly Revealed: The Key to Build Your Beautiful Body Without Harsh Exercise!"

"Secrets Body Building System: Successful Methods to Shape Up Your Body, Guaranteed, No-Pain Exercise Method That Naturally Attract Your Muscle To Grow!"

These headlines might be used for the same ebook. But one of them is better. Notice that the first ad appeals just like a magic thing, and a lazy body-building prospects. The second headline is better. It tells more and the claim isn't quite so outrageous. The prospects will want to know more if they read the second headline, because they will think it's possible. Just by reading the first headline, some people will guess that the ad copy will say unlogically things and they won't believed it and they don't want spend their time to read that.

The headlines will guide the way you write in the content. It sets the approach of the ad and also focuses and defines your angle to speak. All you have to do in the rest of your ad copy is support the premise of your ad. Explain how, and why. Just remember, that all copy flows from the headline. You must support the claims of your headline logically. The thing you should not do is create a good ad that has nothing to do with the content of the ad.

If you have start with a good headline, it will be easier to make the ad copy.

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