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Talk the Talk to Form a Connection with Your Down-Line

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

To achieve success as an internet marketer you need to have the help of others. Those others, to you, are your immediate down-line who help drive sales and extra revenue for your affiliate marketing business. You have to utilize all the communication methods available to you to form a connection with this valuable down-line of yours.

How you choose to communicate with your down-line is a matter of personal preferences, theirs, and yours. When talking to your down-line team as one big group you may choose a different method than you would for smaller team meetings. Whatever you choose, the thing is you are making an effort to connect through two-way communication.

Your down-line wants you talking to them. They want this talk on a regular basis. Some of your team members may require more communication then others. That's fine; the thing is to make sure you confer with every individual member of your team regularly as often as each requires.

A great way to communicate with your down-line is through a simple phone call. This can be individually tailored calls or a general group conference call. Here informal conversation and sharing of ideas is the order of the day. You can talk freely and expand on topics more with a phone conversation. Typing text messages or e-mails can hinder communication sometimes as no one wants to write volumes of text. Speaking casually on the phone allows for detailed communication, and with less effort.

A video-conferencing call is one way to connect with your down-line. It's the next best thing to being in a room with a person or persons. Here you get to see and hear your down-line and get a better sense of their feelings and concerns about a subject. If they start hurling tomatoes at the screen, you know you've touched a nerve and have to work out some issues with them. Video-conferencing allows you to read facial expressions and see the feelings beneath the words spoken.

A newsletter sent out once a week, or month, is suitable for connecting with your down-line. It's better if you invite comments on the newsletter with a promise of a response to the comments. This way the newsletter is a conduit for a two-way conversation between you and a down-line member. An e-mail newsletter transmits quickly and allows for quick responses by your team.

If you can swing face-to-face meetings with your group, or even individual members, you should do it. There is something right about good old-fashioned human contact business dealings. With internet businesses, it happens less and less. When actual in-person meetings take place with your team, its usually refreshing and inspiring for all who attend. Make the most of these opportunities to connect with and train your down-line. They will appreciate the social aspect of the meetings as well as the chance to get hands-on practical training about affiliate products.

Even text chat meetings are a good way to connect with your team. Most people are readily available for text chats, and like the connection they can make with a person through it, while still choosing to maintain their privacy with no visuals. If you have introverted down-liners, who prefer this method of communication for forming a connection with you, then accommodate their wishes.

Affiliate marketing means developing your down-line for productivity through making a connection with them. When you connect with them through your communication efforts, you gain their attention. When you gain their attention, you can train, inspire, and motivate them to action. That action will help theirs, and your affiliate business grow.

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