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Reporting for Duty - Using Special Reports to Promote You Business

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

You're looking for ways to get your affiliate business moving. You have the product or products. You have your blogsite and website all ready to go. You are engaging in article writing and article promotion through a good article distribution service. What else can you do to promote your Internet business? One thing you can do is write a brandable report and get it into the hands of as many people as is possible.

You have a specific line of affiliate products. Why not write a report related to the topic of your affiliate program. You write articles for your article marketing efforts. These articles are chock full of useful information that give something of value to your readership. You may have that blog where you consistently post useful and helpful content. You may have that website where you post more information such as product reviews and the like.

Why not take a lot of the information you already have created and summarize it in a report specific to your affiliate program. You can even concentrate on just one aspect of your affiliate program and write a report on it, saving other aspects for other reports. When you write timely, useful, reports packed with advice, and offer them free; you gain more people likely to click on your links imbedded in the report.

Once you write a report that provides solutions, answers, advice, ideas and processes for your readers, give it away. Use your article marketing efforts to get people to link back to your website. Use your blog to get readers to link back to your website. On your website have that report available as a free download. Let those who choose to download it know that they can brand it with their own name and give it away as well. Just let them know that the report must not be sold, it must be given away.

You want to get as many reports out there as possible with your links in them. Let those who choose to offer your report, as part of their own brand, know that they cannot alter the content or links in any way.

Now, do the work you need to do, just as you promote other products, to get the word out about your report. Encourage visitors to download the useful report for their own use. You can then sit back and let them spread the free report throughout their own network, according to your stipulations for the report. They will drive traffic to their business and yours alike as they begin to market the report. You can also do this with detailed e-books you may write. Making free reports and e-books brandable is one of the most effective ways for affiliates to promote.

What's great about free reports and even those free e-books is the fact that you are giving something away to users. You are providing them useful resources at no cost to them, to help them in their businesses, or to help them make buying decisions about specific affiliate products. I'm sure, as an affiliate marketer, that you have accessed free reports and books.

You may have a small library of them stowed away in a file folder on your PC. These are those reports that gave you more knowledge about an affiliate product. These are those reports you downloaded that gave you that sage advice on how to get affiliate traffic and build your affiliate business. You were happy to get them free. You were happy to put the information provided to you into practice.

You may have followed a link back to the report's author and accessed even more information from his or her website. You may have even ended up purchasing one of their affiliate products in the process. You want these same results with those free reports that you make brandable.

Get the word out about your affiliate topic and by association your affiliate business, by writing free reports. Let those free reports spread like honey over a huge stack of waffles, on the net. The results will be tasty and sweet when you let your free brandable reports satisfy your hunger for greater affiliate profits.

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