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"i Have To Start Over."

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

During yesterday's New School Mastermind session, we polled everyone: What's your #1 biggest obstacle to moving your business ahead?

We all heard each one, and then the group voted on which one to take up first.

#1. "I have to start over. I need a new Rep. Someone to do things together with so the business would be more fun and less lonely."

Asking around to see who had had that problem and what they'd done, one person piped up, "Well I got my most recent new Rep at Network Marketing Central."

And before that, she said, she'd been to a business group meeting and picked up another one who was also interested in marketing healthy pet foods.

Someone else said they'd met someone on an online forum who ended up doing the business with her.

Another gal said she'd been giving talks – safe baby talks – since that's what she cares about with her products…

All agreed that starting over is never easy. And being alone while doing it makes it harder still. So since the next highest vote getter was "I just procrastinate and don't do my calls…" we decided to help everyone get past feeling both lonely and procrastinating.

We set the group up do to what Jesus told his deciples to do when they were to go out and spread the word:

Go 2 by 2.

We teamed people up in pairs, all cross company.

Everyone made dates to call each other every each week – to encourage each other, to be accountable, and help each other do the things they had each decided to do to build their businesses bigger. E.g. talking to more people, asking for the right ones, helping each other when one would slip back into the old seller talk, techno babble or hype.

People were relieved and delighted to be working with folks in different companies who had the same problems they did. And Jackie has someone to work with as she is starting over – and from a different company.

I have always believed that the bonds between us as entrepreneurs and networkers is much stronger than one's bond to a specific company. No matter which company you represent, it's not easy, and discouragement is constantly hovering nearby.

Given the chance and the right environment, I've seen for 15 years how much networkers like to help each other across companies. After all, we're all just people wanting to do something of our own, trying to make a difference, aren't we?

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