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Make Money Online Working From Home on Internet Opportunity-free Websites Give Away Business-how to Make Passive Cash Offering Websites for Free

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Eureka!! I finally found it. I found it, I found it. The best online passive income opportunity is€¦ giving away websites at no cost. Why? Because everyone wants to make money online with a website and everyone and their donkey wants something free. If it wasn't for the police I would be right now jumping from my bathtub naked like Isaac Newton, saying Eureka, Eureka. lol

Yes. I had earlier been marketing saturated online TV software that almost made me give it up with Internet marketing. I made afew thousand with this software and thought I had it all. That's until my sales started tipping in March and I could go for a week without a sale in my click bank account. I couldn't believe it. Everybody had also started marketing my product and soon there were too many of us that nobody was making any decent money.

My credit card was maxed out and my wife almost had me committed as I had refused to look for work. I was committed to making some serious money online. I just had to. In the meantime the little I earned went back to buying more eBooks on how to succeed online. I was an information junkie. So bad was the situation that I had an ugly credit score. I ran into debts to the tune of $10,000.

Every time I promised my self that this opportunity would be better than the last. I had serious fights with my conscience whenever I used my credit card online to buy yet another junk of an online money making system. One evening, I was in tears. I couldn't imagine how some guys gloated of making too much money online and I didn't seem to figure it out. Whatever I did back fired on me like a torpedo of dirt. I was almost giving up with internet marketing when I all of a sudden it hit me.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was reading posts in one of the most respected Internet Marketers (IMers) forum called the warrior forum. At first, I hadn't figured it out. I couldn't see it, because I was too engrossed in marketing my useless products that I ignored to look and adopt what the masters knew.

Somebody had written that the easiest way to make it online is to copy a system that the internet gurus use to make themselves millions€¦then work it like mad. I hadn't listened. I had failed miserably. And if it weren't for a stroke of luck and desperation then, I possibly wouldn't have seen it either.

I read posts of the ones who gloated most, the guys who said they make over a $1 million online annually. I read, observed, copied, experimented and noted. And trust me when I say there are guys in the warrior forum who rake in seven-digits a year. Some of the names are the most famous internet marketers there has ever been. Look at the forum like a club where the high and mighty come to brag and sneer at newbies like me asking idiotic questions. I weathered all that.

The more they answered me arrogantly, jeered, cursed and seethed, the more I learned. Finally I had even managed to get some friends among them who let me in privately on their secrets of success. You should have heard how loud some of them laughed when I told them what I was currently marketing.

They thought I couldn't tell the difference from an opportunity and a hole in the wall, if I saw it. They were wrong. One good thing with guys like that is they bask in platitudes, give them a compliment here and there and they will be spilling too fast you'll find it hard to keep up. This is what happened, combined with my little project to investigate and find out what exactly kept them ahead.

Here I want to share with you one of the important things I learnt. I found out that it actually mattered a lot on the kind of product you set out to market online. Secondly, it depends on how much traffic you can deliver to your affiliate website. While most people make six figure digits with affiliate marketing, the most successful online gurus have used the word €˜free' to their advantage. Did you get that, I say again the word is, €˜free'. Most search engines browsers always look for free things. These people know that and use it to their advantage. Infact most of the heavy weights in Internet marketing make money from giving away free ring tones, free gift cards, free mascara, free wallpapers, free smilies, free screensavers and free websites. Ofcourse backed by their ability to generate traffic like their lives depended on it.

I also learnt that to choose the wrong product to market online was a guaranteed way to fail. I had simple been pushing a dead donkey before I learnt these internet marketing secrets. I also learnt that a large number of them were marketing services that offered custom designed websites for free to businesses and individuals. Come to think of it, if everyone wants to make some money online, wouldn't they need a website for that? And wouldn't they even want a free website even better? That was my cue.

In February, I wanted to test this theory and I purchased what I had promised myself was the last piece of online money-making-system-ever. These companies made me a free website to help me give away other websites to people and get paid for it. I didn't even send emails to clients at first; I sorely depended on my articles to drive traffic to my website. Within the first week of starting my website, I had given away 1 website and earned $1340. In my first week. I felt dizzy. I had never made so much money in a week. This is the money I used to make in a month with internet TV software.

By end of February I had grossed over $15,000 and that was in two and a half months. Now hear this, all this money is rolling income. As in, for every website I give away, I get to add on my previous annual total. The income is passive and lasts for your lifetime. Its simple actually and works like this.

Once you join this company as an affiliate, they ill instantly give you a customized website. This website will have sample of websites that you have €˜supposedly€˜made for other people. The fact is that you don't make those websites, they do. Your clients will be so amazed at how optimized the websites are that they will rely to your emails at the rate of 40% or more. And that's just a conservative figure. As I said, everyone wants a free fully optimized ad tailor-made website.

The kicker in my first experimental money making opportunity that I learned from the forum is that the company even sends me the email to forward to my clients. These sales letters have been tested and proven to work. All I had to do is forward these emails in addition to writing my articles. In a very short time, I'm now on my way to big money. My target is to hit six digits by end of my first year.

On average you will be able to make roughly the following amounts depending on how many websites you are able to give out per day.

Number of websites : Weekly income

1 $2,105

2 $4,210

3 $6,315

4 Big bucks here€¦

I would work myself off with affiliate marketing while there is a better, simpler way of making internet passive income that lasts for a lifetime.

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