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I'm Not Interested...

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

This is the title of a recent piece by one of the industry trainers, Wendy Weiss.

In her article, Wendy suggests getting an "I'm not interested" is because your script or its delivery isn't good enough. While that may be partly true, it's not the biggest reason for that reaction.

She writes:

"If you have a compelling script with stellar delivery, you will hardly ever hear the words, 'I'm not interested.' That's because you will actually be saying something interesting!"

She concludes, "Before you ever pick up the phone, have the answer to the question: 'Why should this prospect be interested?' If you have that answer, you will never again hear: 'I'm not interested.'"

Hilton Johnson teaches the same thing…

"If the prospect is not sold on your offer and is just using this as
an excuse to get rid of you, you probably have a weak

And of course they offer programs to help you develop your presentations.

Yes, what you say DOES matter. I myself teach people how to talk to others about their business or their products. I have a whole book on it.

But here's my take on the role of your presentation: It can help you get interest from the few who are of like mind, but it does nothing like guarantee an "I'm interested" from most people.

Even with a good presentation, most people will still say no.

E.g. On the recruiting side, only 1/100 or so say they want to do any kind of 100% commission sales. So no matter what you say, 99/100 will say no. If you sweet talk them into it, they soon drop out, like 95% already do.

On the customer side, perhaps one in 10 or 20 will have an interest in your product or service, regardless of what you say (provided it's true and not full of empty promises).

For example, I eat organic. Nothing a regular store like Safeway or Price Chopper advertises there will ever get me to go into one of those stores. I just prefer organic because I believe it is easier on my body. Right or wrong, that's me. All their advertising and presentations are wasted on me, regardless of how stellar they are.

If Nordstrom is having a shoe sale on size 6 shoes, I won't go. I'm a size 8.

There is nothing for everyone. Mass marketing is very much on the wane. Niche marketing is in vogue and some of the big companies are learning that.

If a person doesn't care about alternatives to drugs and surgery, they won't have an interest in your natural product. If someone doesn't play tennis, they can't be your tennis partner. No matter how wonderful you tell them tennis is.

Moral: Your words are only part of the answer. Bigger is recognizing that even with the best story and script, some people will be a match, most not. Learn to let go of those who are not part of your niche. Learn to do niche prospecting – YOUR niche – the one you know and love. That's where your words will more likely fall on open ears.

Do you really want to do therapy on the rest of the world?

Are they asking you to?

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