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How To Monetize Your Traffic For Website Profits

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 39   |   Comments: 0

With decreasing prices on hosting and domain registration, along with user-friendly site building programs, it is easier than ever to have a website. While this is good news for anyone who wants to establish an internet presence, more websites on the internet means more competition for the attention of internet users. As a result, if you want to make money from a website, you must know how to monetize your traffic.

Monetizing your traffic simply means creating a website that allows you to make money, even if it is only a small amount, from everyone who visits your site. Relying solely on the sales of a product or two is no longer a viable option for generating internet income because there are too many websites that offer great products. In addition, some site visitors arrive looking for information, not a product. By monetizing your traffic, you can earn even from those who are not planning to buy.

So how do you monetize your traffic?

Affiliate Programs

The most common, and possibly easiest, method of monetizing your traffic is through affiliate programs. An affiliate program is a program in which you register as an affiliate through another website. You are given advertising codes, which contain your unique affiliate ID, to place on your website. In exchange for sales, visitors, or a combination of the two, the other website pays you a commission.

Affiliate programs are easy to find. Most major online retailers now have affiliate programs, and internet marketers typically offer affiliate opportunities for their products. There are also companies, like Commission Junction and LinkShare, who allow you to register with their site and then select from hundreds of affiliate programs offered by various merchants. Going through those companies allows you to use only one affiliate ID for all of your affiliate programs, as well as allowing you to check into one central location to see how all of your affiliate efforts are doing.

Contextual Advertising

In addition to affiliate programs, contextual advertising is an excellent way to monetize your traffic. Contextual advertising is advertising, both text and banner ads, offered by third-party advertising services. The ads displayed on your site are matched to the contents of your site, so they are "within the context" of your site.

Contextual, or context, ads are offered by several companies. The most popular context ad program is Google AdSense, but there are other programs like Yahoo!, BidVertiser and AdBrite. Advertisers pay the companies to advertise their website, and those ads become the context ads on your site. Whenever a visitor clicks on an ad shown on your site, the advertising company pays you a commission.

Other Methods

There are other methods of monetizing your traffic that are becoming more popular. Text Link Ads, for example, are similar to AdSense in that they are text ads placed on your site. The difference between text link ads and contextual advertising, however, is that you are paid for having the ads on your site based on the amount of time they are present, rather than based on the number of visitors who click on the ad.

Another method of placing contextual ads is through services, such as Contera Link, who analyze your site and create hyperlinks from key words or phrases. This is an excellent option for monetizing, especially if you are hesitant to interrupt the look of your site with ad bars. These ads also work well with blog sites.

Finally, many people are aware that interesting, informative articles are the best way to attract visitors. Not everyone realizes, however, they are also an excellent method for monetizing your traffic when used in conjunction with other methods. Articles can be written in the form of product reviews, as well as a discussion of a specific problem and the best solution that you have found for that problem. Those articles actually work as a soft-sell technique, warming potential buyers up to the idea of clicking on an advertisement, affiliate link, or product purchase button.

With a little creativity, it is not difficult to find even more ways of monetizing your traffic. Regardless of the method you choose, even if you decide to use them all, remember to incorporate them into the overall look and feel of your site. If you have content that draws in visitors, and your site is organized and well laid out, any of these methods of monetizing your traffic will help you earn profits from your website.

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