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Change How You Think About Affiliate Marketing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0

Let's get started with this important... Employ some form of exclusivity in your product launch in order to develop curiosity. For instance, announce that you will only allow a total of 25 affiliates to join your program - and all those who do will receive some sort of benefits. Consider making affiliates fill out an application to join. Believe it or not, this will actually create curiosity. If you thought that was interesting, just wait until you hear...

Offer to provide free affiliate link protection software for all of your prospective affiliates. Hackers can now rather easily steal links that are not protected by some type of encoding or guarding system. Protecting your affiliates will not only help them out, but it will also ensure that you do not run into any problems with disgruntled sellers. Before you move on to the next section, you will want to consider...

Ask your joint venture partners to help you recruit affiliates. For instance, if they can broker a deal between you and their top selling affiliates, you will pay them a certain amount per affiliate. Even if you have to pay more than you earn from these affiliates, this will always be a good deal, as it will provide you with new affiliates for future launches. Now that we've discussed, let's move on to...

Consider using Clickbank for your affiliate program. Not only will they cut checks for you and your partners, but they will also track sales and setup an easy means through which to create affiliate Ids for your product. Additionally, using Clickbank will make your affiliates far more likely to trust you, as it is an established company with a history of timely payments.

Offer a free affiliate marketing coaching session with all of your affiliates. This might sound like a pain, but it can actually help you considerably. Not only will it instill trust for you in them, but it can also help them out seriously if they are having a hard time with a specific marketing strategy. Most will not take you up on this offer, but it will be helpful for those who do.

Create samples for your affiliates, so they have something to give to prospective customers. For instance, with a video product, take clips from the video; and for audio, do the same thing. For software, you may want to create a demo version. Allowing your affiliates to distribute this demo and sample products will increase their conversion rates.

If applicable, offer to personalize your product for each of your affiliates. For instance, if you are selling software, offer to create a special download after for them personally - and even add text that uses their specific business name and information, rather than your own. This is always an attractive offer for affiliates who are interested in branding. But don't wait. Get started right now...

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