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Article Marketing A Guide to Promote Your Site

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

The concept of article marketing is not new. Whether it has to do with printing of yesteryear or todays online business, its purpose is still the same in marketing, advertising, selling and distributing your product by getting it promoted. And do not count out offline promotion of your site using articles as a potential for more traffic to your site as this can still be a part of your marketing plan.

Articles can tell people who are looking at your site about your product or the service you deliver. By distributing your articles to directories you are making yourself known and with time more and more people and potential customers will find their way to your website.

The articles that you present to the directories should be of some value to those who will read them. They should be long enough so that they give adequate information that a potential client can use. You need to grab the readers attention, so the headline
needs to draw them in. They can not be bland with no life. They should make the person question in their mind or desire to find out what this could be that you are writing about.

There are tremendous quantities of directories for your article marketing and the more that you use the more exposure you will have and the more likelihood of traffic to your site.

Make sure your articles link back to your site and you may want to include a copyright to help stop unauthorized use of your articles. If you have enough articles you can create an eBook and sell it at low cost or give it away as a promotion. Also if you have affiliates you can send them articles to help you to promote them.

If your articles have original content and your keywords are well planned, and not over saturating your pages, then with routine actions of article marketing you should see your business continue to grow.

Do not expect it over night. Give it some time.

Recommended is finding a article content membership site to supply you with the content you need on a routine basis.

Once you have your articles then there is the magic of putting them to work. You can do it manually which will be your lifes work, which means to really do it you will spend too much time. You can purchase software that can be used to broadly distribute
your article. Or you can go to membership site who for a monthly fee will get out articles for you to large distribution lists. The best ones offer unlimited articles allowed for submission. Personally I find the membership concept the best and easiest to deal with.

Putting your website URL in the resource box is the key to getting the interest and traffic you are generating to your site and not to somewhere else.

See the resource box of this article for more information.

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