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Achieve Top Returns By Building Your Own Opt-In Lists

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Email marketing is now a powerful force in the internet marketing world. You can reach people where they are already… checking their email. The power of a good opt-in email list cannot be overstated. The best marketers always keep a prospect list and a customer list to contact.

We know that an opt-in list is very important, but you may ask yourself how to get started building a list of prospects.

The way that everyone starts to build a list of their own is to follow the basic tenant of marketing itself. Trade one thing for another. In other words, you give your new customer something that they can use for the right to contact them with any future offers that you think will interest them. Often a free eBook on the subject that they are interested in is a good instrument to get them interested further in your services as an online broker or affiliate.

This establishes a rapport between you and your prospective customer. From this point on your list becomes your business. Treat your list as the lifeblood of your operations online. The benefits of building and maintaining a strong opt-in list are many. The saying " the profit is in the list" applies to online marketing even more than offline marketing. You can cut your advertising costs by 85% by using email marketing to keep interested people coming back to you for what they want to buy.

The fact is that 20% of computer users have bought a product or service from an email message. That's quite a number considering that there are 170 million computer users in the U.S. at this time. This does not take into consideration the people who have bought from an email more than once.

These are two benefits that can help you acheive a large business by applying a marketing strategy that focuses on one-to-one contacts to certain groups of people based on specific interest categories called niches.

To do this you must use multiple lists. You have to collect email addresses for all of the different interest categories that you market for. This always takes time, yet it is well worth it in the end. You will have the ability to send messages to your customers in real time, with only the time it takes for them to check their email before you can track the response to your offer.

Then you carefully select news and offers for the particular group you want to reach. Use your autoresponder service to broadcast messages of news and updates regularly to keep your name fresh in your customer's minds.

Your ultimate success as an email marketer depends on sending your messages, tracking the results, adjusting the message, sending and tracking again. Repeat this process as much as needed until you achieve a positive cash flow for the campaign you are promoting.

With the huge benefits of email marketing always growing and no end in sight, the question is not should you start a list, but why not start right now!

So, jump in. The water is fine as long as you ask permission for the privilege to contact people via email. Double opt-in is the preferred method of registering people to your list. This gives you a record of the transaction of approval that cannot be refuted. Who needs a spam accusation anyway?

The best results in business come from focused efforts to a large customer base. Add brand awareness and name recognition to your marketing mix with your new email campaigns, and you will achieve your business goals faster with better results.

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