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4 Simple Steps to Make Money Online

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Who doesn't want to be rich fast? Most of us think that making money online is not possible and some thinks that it is a waste of time. But why are there still people making six figure incomes online? Is there a proven way to make money online?

One of the easiest and simplest ways to make money online is to go into affiliate or online network marketing programs. You don't have to create your product, salescopy, website, payment gateway. Almost everything is taken care of, including hosting. Their products are tested and proven, salescopies are professionally written and websites are professionally design. The only thing that's for you to do is to promote the product. Simply!

How's that sound to you? To me, it's a lazy man's game. You only need to focus on one thing which is to market and promote the product and that's all you need to make money online.

To make simple things even simpler, you can leverage on others. Here are 5 simple steps to boost your online earnings.

1. Search for the best and most suitable online affiliate program.

This is the most important part. You need to be careful with which online affiliate program or online network marketing program you decided to join. Do a market research about the latest trends and changes. From your research you will be able to identify which industry is growing and which are the things that are on demand. Join an online affiliate program base on your findings.

2. Support, support and more support.

I can't stress this more then anything else. I believe that joining the right program with the right support are keys to your success online. The support can be from your team leader or directly from the company.

I was very much like anyone that wants to create wealth online. I started with the right support from my team and that's why I was able to grow and see results in as short as 30 days.

3. Do joint ventures. Form a team!

It's toughest to work or doing everything on your own. What's worst is, you might not know everything. Forming a team of like minded people is one way to kick start. What you don't know, your partner might know and vice versa. This is what I call leverage. Your team growth will eventually double or triple.

4. Launch a marketing campaign

After you choose the program, speak to your team leader/upline, form you own initial team of 4 to 5. Launch an email campaign to your list of friends, business partners, colleague and like-minded people.

Step 1

Gather a list of 100 prospects and send a pre launch email. In this first email, do not tell them much about what you are doing. Keep it short and interesting. Your main objective is to create curiosity. End your email, stating that you will get back to them with more information. Give them a date to receive your email.

Step 2

In your second email, provide them with the benefit of the product or program. Remember! Benefit is very important, buyers sees the benefit before they decide to act upon. Confirm your actually launch date.

Step 3

Send them a surprise email prior to the launch date. In this email, you need to prepare in advance. Seek help from the product owner or your upline , get them to identify you and what you are doing. These can be in the form of video or audio. This email alone is very powerful and can increase your credibility.

Step 4

The actually launch. In the last email, provide them with information on how can they join the program. Assure them that they will have your full support once they join your team.

That's it. It's simple and straight forward. I notice the difference between those that succeed and fail, is applying what they know. Knowing is one thing but doing it is another. It's easy to make money online and all you need to do is to apply what you learn.

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