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Why 9 Out 10 Online Businesses Fail To Make Profits

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

Almost 3 out of 4 American families are thinking of a business from home.

Not so many are really interested in internet marketing but at least they share a common goal of getting an income from the internet.

Every day such people launch new sites hoping to earn an income to sustain there ever increasing needs.

Today as we speak, 9 out 10 new online marketers are failing to make it and failing because of the same reasons which crippled the ones before them and which may be the same reasons why future sites may also not make it.

Of course if nothing is done the above may have little to do with change.

Now we begin to ask our selves; what is happening or what is not happening for this large number of sites to continue experiencing failure;

Below are some of the reasons why these new marketers fail to stamp their authority on the global village.

Many people are too impatient to build and grow their businesses; instead they fall for the brilliant conning language used in the Get rich quick! sales copies which keep roaming around cyber space promising thousands of traffic in minutes.

They end up buying a lot of junk and wasting a lot of precious time which they would have used developing their sites.

In the true sense of it, there is no such thing like get rich quick. So if you are out to get rich 24hrs, then am sure the Internet is not the best of destinations for you.

The so-called safe lists:
What are the safe lists? These are lists containing normally a large number of compiled email addresses.

Such lists are then traded for a value that is almost always extremely low for their likely true value.

Since the benefits always seem to overwhelm the risks, these new marketers always purchase such lists as a way to jump-start their online success.

At the end of the day we have a blocked ISP due to spam complaints and the website is on its road to failure/closure.

Search engine advertising:
Today search engine advertising is one of the most used advertising tools.

Let us look at ad words, for example Google ad words, for no money you bid on a number of words of your choice which you think will drive traffic to your site and you pay per click;

meaning that you pay after some one has visited your site, sounds like a very great idea, not so? I know of people earning 4 figured incomes just from ad words.

Yet again, even Google ad words do not seem to be for every one. For the ones who know how to use them aided by word trackers, this could be the best advertising they will ever adopt.

But so many people make the same mistake, the mistake of bidding on few but expensive words like home business, online business, working at home etc because such words receive most traffic.

But since the competition here is at its greatest, you end up having a high bill at the end of the day with a low conversion rate.

So once again because people are so in a rush for traffic, they end up on the road to failure.

Actually wise users tend to bid on many words with low traffic, less bidding price and as their click through rate increases (the people who join or sign up at your site when they click on its link) they end up paying less and being listed at higher places.


They say save the best for last! For me whatever the traffic to a site if the content does not hold then I guess less will if anything be achieved by the site owner as well the guest who of course may not have so much to loose given that other sites may provide the same service.

The opening page to your site is the king of the site therefore regardless of the inner content if you are loosing 7, 8, 9 or 10 in 10 of your site guests because of your opening page then am right to say you are not in Business.

Most people do not go on the Internet looking to buy products or sign up under different programs.

Actually most people go to the Internet because they are looking for particular information and may end up buying a product if impressed.

Let your site be equipped with information that your visitors may need and in that case you may be able to close in on a sale!

If you have read this far; I hope this information has helped to enlighten you more about Internet marketing and hopefully it may assist you to be the 1 out of the 10 who makes it online.
Good Luck!!!!!!!

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